The Benefits Of Hiring A Doula For Your Birth
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Nikki Corriher talks about why she and her husband chose to use the services of a Doula. She explains the benefits of having a Doula by their side


The Benefits Of Hiring A Doula For Your Birth Why did you decide to use a Doula? Nikki Corriher: Because I think just from what I've seen of western style medicine, traditional medicine I guess. I feel that it’s very detached in a certain way from the human side. One of my girl friends had a baby not too long ago that I was there for her and they whisked the baby away and weren’t very patient with her wanting to have the baby natural. I know that there are a lot of great technologies out there and safety measures and things that are wonderful for protecting the life of the mother and the child. And I want a benefit from those as well but I still want to have that natural experience as much as I can within the safety of a hospital. And I think that incorporating a doula is going to allow me to do that. I do feel like that having a doula with me and my husband as we go through the process kind of brings it together for us both, so that we’re kind of doing it. We’re having some control over it and doing it in a natural way I think is something that we want to try to do. But we’re both open that if the baby is threatened or if I'm threatened that we’ve got the good old fashion traditional medicine to fall back on. So, it’s the best of both worlds for us. How did you hear about the Doula services? Nikki Corriher: To be honest with you, I really don’t know where it came from. I know that something that kind of always been understood in my book as far as how I wanted to have a baby. The name doula is a newer term to me but I did know that I wanted to have some kind of assistant there with me that was more grounded, so then someone who does this everyday and its kind of like going to a drive-thru. Someone that would understand the enigmas of this experience for me and I think that that’s what having doula has allowed me to have. What are the benefits of having Doula go through this process with you? Nikki Corriher: I do know that the way that I feel with my particular practice is kind of punching in, punching out. I know that they have very limited time schedule for each particular patient they're seeing. So, it’s really hard to kind of get that personalized thing. You don’t always think of all the right questions ask when they're for your 15 minute appointment. So, having Mandy’s resource to find out more about the tests that they want to perform and why are they doing this, what are my options and that what's really cool about Mandy is that she doesn't just tell me her opinion, she’s got medical reports that she’s printed and information that shows me both sides, so I can make a more an educated decision in my own speed whereas kind of with the doctor like so, “Do you want to take this test and this optional test? In terms, we’ll pay for it but do you want to take it?” Then I could back off and say “Hey well, what are my options, Mandy? I mean what does this mean?” And basically, I mean I can get the same thing from my doctor that Mandy is more available to me. So, it’s easier for me to work with her. How often do you see your Doula? Nikki Corriher: I have access to call her 24/7 right now but I usually see her about once every three weeks or so. What does your husband think of this experience? Nikki Corriher: I think he loves it. She’s actually gotten these really great books that she has lent to us from her personal library and my husband has picked up the ball and run with it. He’s taking the books and read them and he’s been only about doing certain exercises and telling me how it’s going to be in the birthing room and all this fun stuff. It’s kind of exciting. I certainly don’t feel like I'm in this alone. I feel like I have my little team and so that’s pretty cool.