The Advantages of Elective Cesarean Section
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Dr. Eilber shares the advantages to having an elective cesarean section.


The Advantages of Elective Cesarean Section Elective C-section is very much a hot topic in the lay public these days. The advantages obviously are you really minimize your risk, if any, of having pelvic floor disorders, mostly prolapse. It is not unusual for women who have never had either pregnancy or delivery to have incontinence after menopause, but that’s typically just the stress incontinence and not the prolapse. Even if a woman has a very small baby, depending on how her pelvic floor anatomy is, she still may have quite a bit of trauma, and there are some small women who have very large babies and never have problems. The issue is we cannot predict which women are going to have problems. Generally speaking, people tend to be what their mothers are. So if I have a patient who comes in and says, “My mother had a lot of problems, you know, I am really concerned. Should I ask for an elective C-section?” I think that’s reasonable. However, every woman has to make her own decision.