The 3 Point Lunge
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Work your lateral muscles with the 3 point lunge as Judy Notte Howard helps you keep your kids healthy, active and strong in this fitness video.


Our next lower body move is called the 3-Point Lunge. You lunge forward and then you take it to a 45-degree angle. Make sure your knee is tracking over that foot. Good! And then right to the side, arms move with it. You want to keep your hips square, so you lunge forward, keep it nice and tall to the side, tracking that knee. Good! Now these guys are going to join me. Actually, I want to watch you guys do it. So take your right foot forward and go. Lunge forward. Good! Take it to the side. Now, you need this type of lunge to work on your lateral movement. Think about tennis, any type of sport, volleyball, when you are lunging for a ball. You need this type of movement, which is lateral strength. Take it to 45-degree. Good! Knee in line with the toe. Perfect! And to the side, arms moving with your body. Good! One more time. This move is called the 3-Point Lunge. Keep going, you guys! Improving lateral movement. Good! And to the side. You are going to be excellent tennis players! Good!