Thanksgiving Leftover Spa
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We are doing a little something different this Thanksgiving, why not give a special thanks to your face, body, hair and soul. Beauty expert, Stacy Cox is here to share those creative ways.


Audra Lowe: We’re doing a little something different this Thanksgiving, when you are giving things why not give special thanks to your face, your body, your hair and sole, all creating a spa with the leftovers. You heard me right, the leftovers from Thanksgiving. Well beauty expert Stacy Cox is here to share just a few of those creative ways. Only you could come here and talk about leftovers from Thanksgiving you use on your face, that’s right. And we are going to start of with dessert. Stacy Cox: We are we’re going to start of with jell-o mold. I couldn’t figure out what to do with turkey, it’s still killing me as I stand here right now but I was like just eat the turkey, the triptophane will just mellow you out. And then you do spa treatments. What we’re doing here is we’re taking good old Aunt Mary’s jell-o mold, a little leftover of the jell-o mold. And we are cutting it into square. Audra Lowe: This is to reduce puffiness in your eyes, right? Stacy Cox: This is an eye treatment that we are about to show you. So, we’re going to take the jell-o mold, cut it into square and wrap it in some plastic wrap. We’re going to stick it in the freezer for about 30 minutes to get it cold and hard and then we’re going to take in eye cream and we’re going to apply the eye cream around the orbital of our eyes. And then we’re going to take our little new eye pack, chilled eye pack, and we’re going to lay this down on our eyes for about 5 minutes to reduce the puffiness and kind of wake up and perk up our eye area. So what’s really cool is if you take, what I have discovered at the drug store is if you take the Olay Regenerist Eye Derma Pods. There are these cool little pod guys that I have right here. So you take this and you squeeze, it’s got vitamin B5 peptides, it’s got Aloe in it, it’s got just a bunch of great ingredients and you apply it around your eye area. Audra Lowe: Between these two things you’re going to moisturize it? Stacy Cox: Because this resurfaces the skin, it takes away the puffiness and it works on filling in the fine lines. But what’s great for our guests is you take a little gift pouch like I’ve done right, there’s 24 in a box. So you take your little derma pods, you put two in each little gift pouch, you put it next to their place card at the table, you take all these recipes, you print the recipes out that we’re showing you on a piece of fun holiday paper and then you fold it up. And have like a whole little with gift with an eye treatment you know they are going to take home the leftover jell-o mold. So now they have got the whole treatment. Audra Lowe: You also have a face mask made up out of a pumpkin pie. Stacy Cox: When you’re thinking your pumpkin pie, set a little bit of the puree aside, so you will take a little bit of the pumpkin pie puree, a little bit of honey which is humectant and moisture binding and you take a little bit of soy milk and that’s going to exfoliate the dead skin cells of your face. Audra Lowe: And if that’s oily skin? Stacy Cox: Add in a little bit of apple cider vinegar because it gets the circulation going. Audra Lowe: I like that! Stacy Cox: And then if you want to exfoliating, you can always grab a little bit of brown sugar and you can add so many things, right! Audra Lowe: This is also a face scrub over here, using yams? Stacy Cox: Correct! Think of your candied yams, grab a couple of yams set them aside, mash up the yams like I did right here, add in a little bit of oatmeal and a little bit of brown sugar and a little bit of soy milk. And so you can see that soy milk it eats away the dead skin cells. So it’s really useful to us in making home treatments. Audra Lowe: Let’s go over to the end over here with the toner cucumber, tomatoes and is this Vodka? Stacy Cox: It is Vodka, correct! You can have a little libation while you are having some fun here and that will relax you but what you this is when you are making your salad set aside some tomatoes and some cucumber, take about a ¼ cup of Vodka and you are going to take a food processor and you’re going to process this and puree it. Take a cotton pad and apply this toner to your face for 5 minutes. Audra Lowe: It looks like salsa. Stacy Cox: I know it does, it’s very fresh. Audra Lowe: This stuff works! Thank you very much Stacy! Stacy Cox: So you’re going to apply it to your face and then you’re going to wash it off with lukewarm water. Audra Lowe: Good job, you did a fantastic job in leftovers. Thank you so much Stacy, good to see you again.