Thanksgiving Dinner in a Ball
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Deep-fried turkey-stuffing-and-mashed-potatoes balls: now, that's dinner!


Male1: Yo! I think one of the tag lines for Triple D should be if it’s funky, we’ll find it. Here we are on the East side of Milwaukee. Now like Michigan’s about 2 block that way and the university is about a mile that way. And we added joint, there used to be a coffee shop now turned in to a restaurant and a bar. Now I know you’re saying, we though where’s that funk in that. Here it is folks; this place is a bacon haven. They have bacon in their bloody Mary’s, bacon on their apple pie. They have basket of bacon o Sundays, ladies and gentleman this place is funkylicious. Welcome to the Comet! Male2: Its thanksgiving and convenient to eat fall four. Male1: Killer stuffing, mashed potatoes and fresh roast turkey brush. Male2: Okay, let’s get it in and mix it up, make it a little ball. Then we’ll flour them, beer batter. Male1: How do you make your beer batter? Male2: Flour and beer, salt and pepper. Throw them in a deep fryer. There they’re got too served in a chicken gravy that we made. Just place the turkey right there in the center of the gravy. A little parsley for color and there you go. Male1: That gravy is legit. This is the component that were missing in thanksgiving is crunch. This is crunchytastical! Look at that! The bacon haven, gravy emporium.