Thanksgiving After Dinner Activities
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Learn what activities you and your family can participate in after Thanksgiving dinner.


Thanksgiving After Dinner Activities Essential information from Fine Living After you’ve had your Thanksgiving meal there are a lot of things you can do with your family and friends. You’ve got all kinds of outdoor activities like everybody going for a walk, playing a game of touch football, having all kinds of timed races, collection games of who can collect the most leaves, acorns. But there are also a ton of activities that you can do indoors anything from the kids putting on some kind of show to pulling out your favorite board game, everybody getting one page to write in the journal about what they wish for next year. Another activity that you can do indoors or in outdoors would be to take a video camera and ask everybody what were you thankful for this year which would serve as a great video diary and leave you something really fun to play. So there are lots of activities that you can do after your Thanksgiving meal. You just want to remember to include everybody and make sure that the time frame is appropriate. Find more at