TFK Trends for Kids Stroller Review
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At the ABC Baby & Kids Expo, Gear Daddy got the lowdown on the latest baby strollers from Trends for Kids. These strollers are great for dads, especially a tall dad like Daddy Troy. TFK shows off a few of their jogging strollers, including a double stroller perfect for parents of twins or for a pair of siblings. Their tandem stroller can hold two bassinets and Graco and Peg Perego car seats. They've even got a jogger stroller with a skateboard attached.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to Dadlabs, I am Daddy Troy today I am talking with Katie from TFK and I am going to tell you about some amazing strollers they have there are pattern and features you want to hear about, German engineering great for tall dads, for geek dads, for running dads, dads stick around. We are at the ABC Baby Show on Los Vegas and one the things that attracted me to these strollers was first of all I am a tall dad as you can tell I am tall dad and they have this feature on them where you can actually uhoock this little things right here and if you are shorter dad that's great but if you are a taller dad no more crouching over as you stroll your kids along I love that. They have some other amazing features as well, so why don't you tell us all about we have three different lines we are going talk about today and let's get started. Katie: Okay this is our new Joggster X and the unique thing about this is you can change out the front wheels meaning you buy one chassis and you have three different front wheel options the double wheels for shopping, a fixable swivel wheel for you altering when you trail walking, walking outside. Daddy Troy: But the real still swivels. Katie: Yeah and you can lock it too if you are going over rough or terrain or we have a true fix wheel jogger wheel for big sports fan so. Daddy Troy: And the chassis here the items that are going -- it's actually the body removable, to you guys call it a body on a stroller what do you call it? Katie: The bassinet. Daddy Troy: the Bassinet okay. Katie: The toddler seat. Daddy Troy: Great okay so tell me what all the attachments that go into the chassis are. Katie: This is just a fix bassinet; you know it's just in one position your basic bassinet. Daddy Troy: What age kids would be in this? Katie: This form birth until they don't want to be in bassinet anymore. Daddy Troy: So if my wife is taking me home I have a little much of drink so she can stick me in this as well. Katie: The cool thing about these is they are ideal for twins or for siblings that are at different ages. As shown here it comes with two seats like this, so that your kids can grow into them, but what you can do is one bassinet like this or you can do two bassinets for new born twins. This is pretty cool. Daddy Troy: Do all of these had a double disc brakes and all the adjustable. Katie: Yeah it has got all. Daddy Troy: All the stuff we talked about. Katie: The standard disc breaks, barstool footrest. Daddy Troy: Para locks, pare windows. Katie: Got is all yeah. Daddy Troy: Air conditioning, okay great superb, it's only about the... Katie: The cool thing about this is we have Graco and Peg Perego car seat adapters so that you can attach one or two car seats, you can attach Graco and Peg Perego, you can make some match however you want and it never goes wider than a standard door way. Daddy Troy: And these strollers are for the hardcore runners that are Triathletes or something like that or training their kids. Katie: Yeah our Joggester 3 comes in 12 inch or 16 inch. 12 inch for your good strong jogge. Daddy Troy: As you can see down here that on this particular stroller this one has a fixed wheel right here and this one down here has a what you guys call when the wheel. Katie: It's a swivel wheel a lockable swivel wheel so it's all terrain stroller. Daddy Troy: And these are all their features but, one of the biggest feature things that attracted me in this booth and you haven't seen it yet check this out. This particular stroller has what's called a mother board, I am going to call it a father board today but check this out it's a type of skateboard on the back of a stroller really amazing and you can kind of stake along that will place where you can actually append it up on to the stroller when you are not using it and we are going to head out on with this as we end this segment, but Katie I want to thank you so much where can our users find out more about TFK. Katie: Go to Daddy Troy: thanks so much Katie.