Texas High School Paddling Draws Controversy
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When two teenage girls were paddled at school by male assistant principals, some parents got angry. It wasn't over the punishment, but over the school having an educator of the opposite sex deliver the punishment. (Sept. 26)


[Notes:VO -----------------SPRINGTOWN, TEXAS -- AP VIDEO --SEPT. 25]IN SPRINGTOWN TEXAS.......A CONTROVERSY OVER CORPORATE PUNISHMENT.[Notes:SOT --CATHI WATT / MOTHER]"she had the imprint of a paddle on her butt."[Notes:VO --------------]PADDLING IS ALLOWED IN TEXAS UNLESS A PARENT SAYS NO IN WRITING.AND WHEN CATHI WATTS TEENAGE DAUGHTER WAS RECENTLY WRITTEN UP FOR MISBEHAVING, THAT WAS THE PUNISHMENT.[Notes:JADA WATT / STUDENT]"I think he did make the swat hard purposefully....i'm not sure what the reasoning was...i think he did it purposefully."[Notes:SOT -----------CATHI WATT / TEEN'S MOTHER]"it was solid red....i took pictures of it....next morning she got up....it was still red."[Notes:VO ----------------]THE TEEN'S MOM IS OKAY WITH CORPORAL PUNISHMENT.BUT NOT BY AN ADULT OF THE OPPOSITE SEX.[Notes:CATHI WATT / TEEN'S MOTHER]I was under the impression, there'd be a female in there. That was my thought, there'd be a female in there. I did not think I had to worry about anything. There was not a female in there, there was two men." [Notes:VO -------------]THE STATE LAW DOESN'T ADDRESS THE STUDENT'S GENDER -- OR THE EDUCATOR'S.AND WHAT DOES THE TEEN THINK?[Notes:SUPER: JADA WATT/ HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT] "if that's gonna happen to anyone then I think your parents should be the ones to do it. I don't see why principals should get to do that." [Notes:VO ------------]THE CONTROVERSY MAY GET LARGER BEFORE IT DIES DOWN.DUE A SHORTAGE OF FEMALE ADMINISTRATORS IN THE DISTRICT, THE SCHOOL BOARD VOTED MONDAY TO ALLOW ADMINISTRATORS TO PADDLE STUDENTS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX.--------------------THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. (****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: ned barker---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP -----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: BOB MCCALL----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: NONE----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: a1146BC-US--School Paddling-Gender, 5th Ld-Writeth