Tekken 6 Real-World Fighters "What Do You Fight For?" Video
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Real-world, accomplished fighters of all walks of life including Dan Hardy and Evander Holyfield describe their inspiration into why they fight in this moving trailer for Tekken 6.


Tekken 6 Real-World Fighters "What Do You Fight For?" Video Henry Tillman: I was born with a—the doctors knew what it was but I won’t suppose to walk. I have to wear those little brown shoes with the white soles and these little braces that come up. So, I never tried to walk and getting liking so I would crawl and drag my little body with my upper body. And you know, kids will tease me best that would make me cry. And when they come to stop me from crying, they feel bad about my being, I would trip them and beat them up, My father was some oppose and laugh. And said we’re going to be heavyweight champ one day and we laugh. Pedro “Lil Pete” Duran: One day I was riding down the street and I’ve seen this gym and I walked in and then the second I walked in, I fell in love with it. Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy: Well, it’s okay. I’m used to get my ass kicked. In my first competitive fight, I got knocked out. All I remember was the smell of the mats and the sound of my mom’s voice screaming in the background. Josh Barnett: I was born and to fight it. as my dad told me, I don’t stop hitting until they stopped moving. William “The Bull” Sriyapai: I was nine years old, some little bully kid named Bryan picked on me. And ever since then, I got into Thai boxing. A couple of months later, I got my revenge. Vicente Escobedo: The thing is I used to get in a lot fights in school but was one of the bullies and I was always the guy beating up people and that’s the reason that I started boxing. Jason Ellis: I got into fighting because my good friend kicked me in the leg and I had to go to the hospital. Then, when somebody punched me in the face, that’s when I wanted to be a fighter. Punkass: This guy’s will fight for nothing. They even have some shows where they had to pay to fight and pay like $75 to get in there and fight and get their teeth knocked out. And they just love the sport so much that these fighters will do anything to get in there and there’s nothing more real than that. Tamir “The Giant Killer”: My mom said, “Don’t do it. You’re going to get hurt.” Patricia Manuel: When my family find out that I wanted to be a fighter, at first they were pretty hesitant. But, once they saw how passionate I was about it, and then I was safe while doing it, they have been fully supported of it. Evander Holyfield: My mother says, “You got to be thankful for the things that you can do. Don’t ever be jealous at nobody but don’t forget about what you do with them.” Male: Evander, you see him doing things that everybody is just going to do. And that’s what made him one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Tommy Wish: This brings us everything as dedication and training, dedication knowledge, their equal learning’s a day, and you quit breathing. Javier Molina: My aspiration is to be the best over power fighter. On that all, is just being an ordinary fighter where I just go up there. People don’t even know who y6ou are. I want to be somebody that people are going to remember. Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy: I fight for the love of the sport. I love the competition. The differences between me in every other fight I’ve been I generally enjoy hurting. Jason Ellis: I fight for fun. Fighting is the thing that all men should do, that’s why you have pectorals so that you can push your hand through somebody’s face. Pedro “Lil Pete” Duran: I fight because I wanted to be a world champion as easy as that. Tamir “The Giant Killer”: I fight for honor. Patricia Manuel: I fight for equality. I fight because I was born to fight. Tommy Wish: I fight for a Japanese word called “Geddy” which is the sense of right and wrong. Henry Tillman: I fight for all the little kids that people picked on and never thought they would amount too much. Evander Holyfield: I fight for fights. I fight for my family. I fight for my country and I will fight for you. Josh Barnett: You only get haul up and hit somebody as hard as you possibly can once in your life, you might as well do it right. Tamir “The Giant Killer”: This is your fight. Skyscrape: This is your fight. Evander Holyfield: This is your fight. Josh Barnett: This is your fight.