Teen Shot at Md. School Released From Hospital
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A 17-year-old Maryland boy with Down syndrome who was shot and seriously wounded in his school cafeteria on the first day of school has headed home after recovering for two weeks in the hospital. (Sept. 10)


[Location - Date:BALTIMORE -- AP VIDEO --SEPT. 10][Source:][VO:][VOICE-OVER][Notes:SOT -- MILTON BOROWY / TEEN'S FATHER]he's doing really good....he's come a long way....in what's it been.....14 days....[Notes:SOT -- ROSEMARY BOROWY / TEEN'S MOTHER]"I know the first night he was here....and the chaplain came up....and just asked god to be with him....and be with him on this journey....and I think...he has....he's given him a certain sense of calm....it's got to be scary....he doesn't understand and he's frightened....i think he has had somebody holding his hand through all of it....me too.[Notes:SOT -- MILTON BOROWY / TEEN'S FATHER]Part of his therapy here has been to go up and down the steps....and go up and down the floor...the walking is fine...but he has been laid up for two weeks...getting his strength back...[Notes:SOT -- MILTON BOROWY / TEEN'S FATHER]The road is not done....he's got a ways to go.....the home nursing...the home nursing....the home rehab....is important to him.[Notes:SOT -- MILTON BOROWY / TEEN'S FATHER]a special thanks to all those out there who have been praying....communities coming together....people coming together....people praying for our son.. [Notes:S0T -- ROSEMARY BOROWY / TEEN'S MOTHER]..he's a fighter....and he has fought from the minute he was hurt....i just can't say enough about him....how he has done what he has had to do....and came through for all of us....i couldn't ask for a better son....BROLL --1) Parents visiting with Daniel Borowy in his hospital room2) Medium shot of mother3) Medium shot of father4) Medium shot of mother5) Wide shot of hospital employee taking Daniel's hand6) Daniel walking to wheel chair to be wheeled out of hospital7) Tight shot of stuffed animal as Daniel is about to get into car8) Nurse assisting Daniel into car9) Car driving away(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: Ned Barker---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP VIDEO-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: BOB MCCALL----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: NONE----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: v0010AP-US--High School Shooting,141