'Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham Checking Into Rehab
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'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham, 22, says she wants to make better choices. She's reportedly checking into rehab for alcohol abuse.


(Image source: Twitter / @F1abraham )     BY NATHAN BYRNE       Former “Teen Mom” star and relatively recent porn star Farrah Abraham says she’s checking herself into rehab for alcohol abuse.     The 22-year-old single mother of one tells Radar Online she’s headed to an outpatient rehab center in Florida to focus on her sobriety. “ … I want to make better choices … ” Abraham said.       Her road to rehab included a DUI arrest in March — with a blood-alcohol level of .147 — nearly twice the legal limit. Abraham reportedly almost hit a police car in the incident. (Via The Huffington Post )       USA Today reports Abraham completed an alcohol education course and was sentenced to six months probation.       A Christian Post contributor says Abraham’s father, Mike, will care for four-year-old daughter Sophia at her home during the 10-day rehab stay.       Citing a source, radar Online says the treatment will cost Abraham more than $12,000.