Teen: Leader Offered Money in Fla. Burn Attack
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A teenager who admitted dousing a Florida middle school classmate with alcohol before the boy was set on fire testified Wednesday that the alleged ringleader offered him money to do it. (June 13)


(Denver Jarvis)("When everybody was talking about, Ben had told me I give you $10 or $5, I don't remember which one it was. But, around that range. He said, he said I give you $10 or $5 if you throw down with Michael.//Prosecutor: Do you remember saying jesus Mendez and I did this and we got blood on our hands 'cause we're the ones who are responsible for doing this.A: NoProsecutor: You don't remember saying that either?A: No, I don't remember saying that.Prosecutor: And you don't remember saying, my plan, my plan was to pour it on him then I would take the rest of it to my house. You don't recall saying that?A: No, I don't recall saying that.")VIDEO SOURCE: AP Television-----------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: AP Clients Only----------------------------------