Teen Falls Asleep on Flight and Wakes Up in Wrong City
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15-year-old Erik McBee fell asleep on a Southwest flight and woke up in St. Louis, 394 miles away from Tulsa, his intended destination.


  Imagine this nightmare -- you fall asleep on a flight and wake up in a strange city with no money, no cell phone, and no contacts -- AND you’re 15. That’s what happened to Erik McBee of Phoenix, who, while flying alone from his hometown to Tulsa via Southwest, decided to take a nap. “I go to sleep. Just put my headphones in and fall asleep.” ...And it must have been a doozy of a snooze -- McBee not only slept through the announcement that the flight had reached Tulsa, but also the subsequent take off and final landing -- in St. Louis. 394 miles away from his intended destination.      ...And he was in for a rude awakening when he got there. NPR reports... “Airport security didn’t help so he wandered the city. He called 911 but they said they weren’t a taxi service.” Meanwhile, his mother, Keena McBee was trying desperately to get ahold of her son.   “Nobody could give me an answer. I called Southwest Airlines, they said I had to talk to customer relations the next morning," Erik eventually got in contact with his family nearly 24 hours later when a good Samaritan helped him phone home. Southwest has promised to review its policies and procedures to ensure the situation doesn’t happen again.