Teen Drinking - The Signs at School
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Learn about Teen Drinking - What are the signs at school that a teen is drinking?


Host: What are the signs at school that a teen is drinking? Judith Welles Cousins: The signs at school that are to look for if you suspect or you are concerned that a teen is using drugs or is using alcohol are for example, the biggest one and the biggest one that I hear from schools and from parents is are change in grades. Often, a kid will be reasonably good student, sometimes a very good student and their grades will change dramatically. It's doesn't always happen, but typically it does happen. You will see kids going to school late, skipping school, skipping school to hangout with their buddies and drink or use drugs. Sometimes same kind of thing that you see at home which is just more disrespectful and more oppositional behavior with teachers, perhaps more getting into, if not fights maybe shoving matches and that kind of thing in school as well.