Teen Blames Assault on PTSD
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A Florida teenager claims he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after his brother's suicide, leading to his near-fatal assault on a middle school girl. (July 9)


[Notes:LOCATION/DATE: DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA/JULY 9][Notes:SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS][SOT/:MARIA SCHNEIDER/PROSECUTING ATTORNEY]"You're going to hear that after that, he stood up. And he began to kick her head as it it were a soccer ball. And stomp on her head, as if he was putting out a fire. And that he continued to do that numerous times while Joseie lay there, twitching. "[SOT/:RUSSELL WILLIAMS/DEFENSE ATTORNEY]"Josie, instead of saying, hey, she's not here, goes on a diatribe that is very wrong. Very emotional. And finally she says, 'go visit your dead brother.' And that's where, like an explosion went off inside Wayne. He began to dissociate."[SOT/:RICHARD ROSENBAUM/CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY]defended children with the insanity defense in Florida in the past. "It's fairly easy for the state to prove that someone knew right from wrong. That they knew, 'thy shalt not kill.'"It's a battle of the experts"(****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: ROD JUSSIM---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: NONE ----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE --------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: v5003AP-FL--Florida School Beating, 1st Ld,130Fla. teen claiming insanity in 2010 attack on girl