Ted Williams Memorabilia to Be Auctioned
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Fans of legendary Red Sox slugger Ted Williams are flocking to Boston's Fenway Park for a preview of the first major auction of sports, military and personal memorabilia documenting Williams' life. The auction will be held on Saturday. (April 25)


[Location - Date:BOSTON -- AP VIDEO -- APRIL 25][Source:][VO:] [Notes:SOT -- HARRY GINSBURG, TED WILLIAMS FAN]I'm here because ted williams was my childhood hero...i grew up in boston...my father had season tickets when I was a young boy....i used to sit about four rows up from the field between home and first....and watch ted williams at bat...on batting circle...i used to carry his picture in my pocket...he was my boyhood hero....[Notes:SOT -- MALCOLM MERRILL/TED WILLIAMS FAN]Just to see him in uniform and to see photographs with ted in the marines.....to think that he would give up his career...which he did to be in the service to our country ade me emotionally....surprised."[Notes:JEREMY KRAFT / HUNT AUCTIONS, INC]the collection spans the whole range....on the high end....there are pieces like baseball signed by babe ruth to ted williams....jerseys that ted wore in games...bats that he used and signed....his mvp award...his silver slugger...some of the most interesting things are not most valuable....much more personal things to ted.""we would estimate the sale would do between two and three million."[Notes:SOT --CAROL BARTON / TED WILLIAMS FAN]to me he was just mr. Baseball....seeing personal checks...own belongings...books...his favorites...and all of awards that he won....silver bowls and waterford crystal...it's a thrill being here."(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: NED BARKER---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: NICOLE GRETHER----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: NONE----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: s0231BC-BBO--Ted Williams-Memorabilia Auction, 4th