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Watch tech reviews of products and componets. This video discusses Kids and Violent Video Games


Hello again I’m Rodney Reynolds from This next question is, do I think that games are too violent for youth? Well this is a very, very touchy subject. So I’ll try and touch it and not get burnt. From Sherlock--from out there will probably think my opinions on this topic are extremely way off. I think personally that youth are influenced by just about anything. So violent games could possibly, depending on who they are, influence them to do violent things, but I think if they’re raised properly. It probably will not do that. Who knows? But I think the best thing to do is to keep youth away from extremely violent games, that’s why games--certain games have ratings. So they, the publishers don’t want kids to be playing these games. Adults, well that’s a whole different story, but some of you will say, well kids are watching horror movies on TV, on the internet, and so on and so forth. Well if they are they shouldn’t be somebody should be restricting them to either not play the game or not watch the movie or not get exposed to other extremely violent or inappropriate content that’s my views. I hope this answers your question, and keep your questions coming.