Tech Topics - Best LCDs for Gaming,Movies and Photography
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Watch tech reviews of products and componets. This video discusses The Best LCDs for Gaming,Movies and Photography


Hello, again I'm Rodney Reynolds from This next question is what are some of the best computer LCD’s on the market? Well, I've comprise a list of LCD’s that it should disappoint whether you're watching a movie, doing photography or plenty of game. I recommend though you check out my Q&A video number 152 on LCD technologies before watching this kind of Q&A video if you haven’t already or unaware of the LCD technologies. Okay, here it goes first of all, a couple of inexpensive 19-inch LCD’s, the Asus VW192T plus the LCD or the ViewSonic VX1940W LCD and by the way both of those displays can do 1680x1050. For a 22-inch LCD I recommend the LGW220P LCD, for a 24-inch LCD I recommend the HP-LP2475W LCD and for a 30-inch LCD I recommend the DELL-3008WFP LCD. I hope that answers your questions and keep your questions coming.