Tech Savvy Toddler Nearly Costs Parents $200
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With a few taps of the thumbs, a 20-month-old Oklahoma girl charged $200 dollars worth of apps to her parents phone bill without them knowing it. (Dec. 28)


[Location - Date:Oklahoma City - DEC 27, 2011][Source:KWTV][VO:][SOT/:Jeff Hall/London's Father]("we got outsmarted by a 20 month old.")WITH A FEW CLICKS OF THE THUMB - A 20-MONTH-OLD OKLAHOMA GIRL NEARLY COST HER PARENTS ABOUT 200 HUNDRED DOLLARS.LONDON HALL WAS PLAYING WITH THEIR SMART PHONE -- WHEN SHE BOUGHT TWO APPS -- THAT COST ABOUT 100-DOLLARS EACH.[NATSOT:]("uh oh")HER PARENTS DIDN'T FIND OUT UNTIL THEY OPENED THEIR BILL.[SOT/:holly hall/london's mother]("I just stood their with my mouth open- i didnt know whether to laugh or cry.")[SOT/:Jeff Hall/London's Father]("you have to be impressed with her ability to problem solve but ultimately you kind of feel suckered a little bit.")HER PARENTS HAVE ADDED PASSWORD PROTECTION TO THEIR PHONES --BUT WARN THAT SOME CHARGES CAN COME FROM PURCHASES MADE ON APPS THAT DON'T NEED A PASSWORD.THE HALLS SAY THEY HAVE A FRIEND AT APPLE -- WHO HELPED THEM REMOVE THE CHARGES AS A ONE-TIME COURTESY.____ ______, ASSOCIATED PRESS.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: BOB MCCALL---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: KWTV-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: DONNA STARDDARD----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: COURTESY KWTV/KOTV----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: N/A