Tech Review - HIS X800Pro IceQ II VIVO Limited Edition Video Card
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Watch tech reviews of products and componets. This video reviews HIS X800Pro IceQ II VIVO Limited Edition Video Card


Tech Review - HIS X800Pro IceQ II VIVO Limited Edition Video Card Hello again. My name is Rodney Reynolds and welcome to another video review. Today, I’m looking at the HIS X800Pro IceQ II Video In, Video Out limited edition video card. What’s included in this package is a power cable. This stand right here goes plug into the power supply and these dongles plug into the video card. They also include a video in, video out adapter. These dongles plug into the video card and you’ve got a number of connections right here, an S video, S video out as long as a composite video in and a composite video out. They also include a component video connection as well as a DVI to VGA adapter, a slot filler for the cooler on these particular product and also software which includes an installation CD, power DVD version five and is essentially a software DVD player, video studio version 7 SC and it has a video editing package and the picture easy which is a photo editing package. They also include a number of games, Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Arx Fatalis and a games collection CD which includes Vietcong, Railroad Pioneer, Neighbors from Hell, Tropical II and Equinox II as well as the manual and the video card. This video card has a massive cooler. Now the advantage with having something like this is it will keep the card cool. These advantages it will take up a PCI slot and it might interfere with anything that’s over here like hard drives etcetera. However, products like these especially if you’re overclocking them do need to have coolers like this on them in order to keep them cool and stable. Now, let’s have a closer look at the cooler that’s on this video card. Well, right here we have a blower style of fan. This will take in the cool air from inside your case and then port it out the back of your case. The memory and the core has a massive heatsink on it and they even cover the back memory modules which is very important and again if you plan at overclocking this video card. This video card does require a fair amount of power so there is a power connection to be made right here and right here we have the standard VGA connection and the DVI connection and right here is the S video connection and this video card does do dual display and now have a listen to the fan. To give you some idea how fast this particular video card is let me compare to ATI as last generation of product which was the 9800 XT. That particular card use the R360 graphic posting here or GPU. It has a core speed of 412 megahertz, the memory speed of 730 megahertz. It has eight pipe lines memory down with this around 23 gigabytes per second and it uses double data rate two or DDR 2 memory. Now, if you compared to this product. This is the latest generation of product from ATI. This is again the X800Pro. It uses the R420 GPU. It has a core speed of 475 megahertz and the memory speed of 900 megahertz. Now it differs here when it comes to memory because this particular card uses what’s called GDDR3 memory of gigabyte double data rate three memory, and it has 12 pipelines and the memory bandwidth is around 29 gigabytes per second. This video card has a number of very cool technologies. Now let me just construe them very quickly. First of all, smooth shader HD is a shader technology from ATI and essentially it allows users to experience complex high definition gaming effects in next generation 3D games and applications. SmoothVision HD technology provides new levels of image quality using fast anti-erasing at high definition resolutions. It also has a filter and AF technologies, and Hyper ZHD is ATI’s innovative bandwidth saving technology to maximize performance at high definition resolutions. Also, 3DC technology and that provides high definition compressed normal maps that make low polygon 3D objects appear more detail. As I mentioned before, this video card does have dual display support wall that provide the technology called High Travision. It also has an integrated TEL support up to 1024 x 768 and an integrated DVI compliant 165 megahertz TMVS transmitter. This is without a doubt one seriously fast video card. It also has a great feature set and it’s highly overclockable. If you’re looking at getting at the games like Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 and you want to have all that fantastic icon be turned on well, you might want to consider a product like this. This is without question a kick ass product. Again, my name is Rodney Reynolds and this has been another video review. Be sure to check back very soon. I will have a brand new one for you then. Also pop in to my website at and while you’re there you can go to the forums and register, and remember registration is completely free. Also keep in mind you can find there a lot more on this product in the forums, and as a final note, if you love watching my video reviews please help support Until the next time, take care.