Teachers, Students Taught to 'Fight Back' Against Intruders
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A controversial training program in Tuscaloosa, Alabama has police teaching schools to fight intruders.


(Image source: The Tuscaloosa News ) BY NATHAN BYRNE   ANCHOR LAUREN GORES Controversial training by police prepares students for a last-resort scenario in a school-shooting situation. WDSI and WVTM explain. “Police in Tuscaloosa, Alabama have a new method for dealing with school intruders who get inside buildings. They’re teaching faculty and students to fight back.” “ … with a program called ALICE, which stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate.” That last step is the preferred option. But the training teaches that evacuation might be impossible without some sort of diversion first. The Daily Mail says the controversial plan ,  “starkly deviates from conventional wisdom … should the nightmarish scenario unfold.”   WTVC reports the training suggests using available items like staplers and scissors as defensive weapons. “Most policies advise workers to lock every possible door and hide if an intruder enters the school. But in Tuscaloosa, they’re training people to throw things at the intruders, restrain them or actually run.” The training has only started at a couple of schools in the Tuscaloosa district. One of the participating principals tells the Tuscaloosa News it’s informative and exciting, but it also makes her nervous. She says it will take a lot of training to overcome the natural instinct to “flee or freeze,” adding … “ … research says that active school shooters are in the building to kill as many people as possible. We want to teach our students and staff to be proactive … ” The Associated Press reports an armed man took more than 110 teachers and students hostage in a Tuscaloosa school back in 1988. No one was hurt in that incident.