Teacher's Aide Suspended For Not Sharing Facebook Password
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Lewis Cass ISD in Michigan suspended teacher's aide Kimberly Hester after she refused access to her Facebook profile.


(Image: TechLal )   BY STACEY WELSH   A Michigan school district thought one of its teacher’s aides had something to hide when she wouldn’t give up her Facebook password- and now she’s fighting back. WSBT-TV shows us a controversial photo Kimberly Hester posted of a coworker:   “REPORTER: This is a copy of that picture she posted last April. It shows that coworker’s pants around her ankles and a pair of shoes. HESTER: It wasn’t at work. It was off work time.”   A parent who was friends with Hester on Facebook told the superintendent about the photo. The school district asked for access to Hester’s FaceBook account, and when she refused, they suspended her. She’s now suing the school. A blogger for Naked Security understands the district’s perspective.   “I imagine that all schools need to take parents' complaints seriously and look into them to decide whether any action should be taken.”   A Notre Dame law professor told WSBT there are no state or federal laws protecting social media privacy at work. But lucky for Hester, Michigan is one state that’s trying to make asking for this information illegal. ZDNet reports state representatives ...   “...have contacted Hester to let her know they are including her story in House Bill 5523, which aims to make it illegal for employers to ask employees and prospective employees for their Facebook password.”   Hester and the Lewis Cass school district will begin arbitration hearings in May. Hester eventually took unpaid leave and is living on worker’s comp as she fights the case.