Teach Your Kids About Music with Apple's Garageband
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In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy reviews Apple's Garageband software. This innovative music software is a great way to teach your kids about music theory. Garageband has great features such as magic garageband that allows kids to pick a music genre and arrange a song according to instrumentation. It's a great way to teach your kids about different music instruments, and get them familiar with the song writing process. While some music teachers may argue that this doesn't teach .....


Welcome back Gear Daddy, I am your host Daddy Troy, my kid knows the difference between Adobe Pro, a Peddle Steel and a Fiddle, and the reason he knows that is because of Apple's GarageBand software. Stick around I will tell you all about it. Today's episode is sponsored by Baby Bjorn and they make some of the best gear on the planet Baby Bjorn. So this is Apple's GarageBand. It's professional grade program. Today I am going to focus on how you can use it with your kids, to encourage them to appreciate as well as make music. So here I am going to choose Magic GarageBand. The first thing that comes up when you choose Magic GarageBand are bunch of genres of music, and what I really like about this is that already I am going to talk to my kid about what's blues, what's rock, what's jazz. I am going to choose Roots Rock. Here you will see that there are a bunch of instruments on the stage, and a kid can run his or her mouse over them and if I put my mouse over you will see that they light up and what's really neat is that a kid can-well first of all, just play a song as it is already written by the creators of GarageBand. So here a kid gets to hear what Roots Rock sounds like. I am going to press stop, and rather than having an electric guitar play the lead, I am going to play on the electric guitar. The melody can be played by whole variety of instruments, so my kids can be doing experiment, what would happen if I took electric guitar off the melody instead I put in a mandolin. What I really like about this environment is it's fairly self contained, it's really hard to mess it up, you could simply make a few choices and there is a dramatic effect, a kid could play for hours. So once your kid has found the right type of instruments that he or she likes, you can open their song into GarageBand Proper, so here you have the song that the kids was working, but this is a little complicated I think for younger kids, older kids could jump right in and start to manipulate this, but instead I am going to clear all this out and do a new project to show you another thing you could do with kids as young as five years old. So rather than doing Magic GarageBand this time, I am going to actually do a new project. I am going to choose loops, because Apple has loaded a bunch of different types of loops, called My Dad Rocks! and this is a project that doesn't have anything in it, yet I am going to put in some loops of music that Apple has given me, I am going to choose guitars and I am going to find a funky electric guitar, I am going to press Play, that's a good one, I like that and I am going to drop this up in a time line. For demonstration purposes I am going to lay down some bass, let's play some electric bass right here, pull that in and I am going to duplicate that a bunch of times by copying and pasting it, just for efficiency right now, and your kid could actually drag each new one down, but I am going to just paste them all in. Coming in the drums and the bass and then the electric guitar, here we go. You will notice that it's teaching your kid about musical phrases, and it starts to show the kid that music tends to repeat and it starts to develop an intuitive feel for that. So pretty basic stuff, but you could see where a kid could needle on this for hours. I know some music teachers may think, oh no you are not teaching a kid an instrument you are actually just teaching a kid to use the computer, but I beg to differ, I think it can teach you a lot about experimentation and working with different music. Now if you are one of those music teachers and you are worried you are not going to be teaching the kid any music. Here you can actually get video lessons for the piano or the guitar, I am going to choose guitar right here, and along comes the guy named Tem. So Tem will teach you how to play the chords, you can strum along to a pre-recorded song, that's already being constructed in GarageBand and notice that right here I can slow it down or speed it up. You can also open a song in GarageBand Proper and while GarageBand is teaching you to play a pretty simple E chord, up here, you can see that it's also added in a bass, also the drums and also an electric guitar for you to play along with, I bet it's even cooler than this. So you can also go to the lessons store, and you can get lessons from the actual artists themselves, such as Norah Jones can teach you a song on the piano, John Fogerty will teach you Proud Mary on the guitar and these are really inexpensive lessons. That's all for Gear Daddy. Today's episode was sponsored by Baby Bjorn, they make some of the best baby gear on the planet. Baby Bjorn, if you like today's episode, you can also go back and check out, a few weeks ago we did one on Apple's iPhoto, it's great for families, check that out. We will see next among Gear Daddy and all week along at dadlabs.com.