Tea Tips: Episode 07 "Coffee VS Tea"
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It's time to learn all about the difference between coffee and tea, and try out Dr. Tea's "Coffee Tea" and "Iced CapaTEAno". Delicious and healthy alternatives to Coffee.


[Music playing] Welcome to Tea Tips with me Doctor Tea. On this segment, we are going to talk about coffee versus tea, my world’s famous coffee tea and of course that frost tea we all know and loved; “CapaTeano”.. All the information on our Podcast today can be found in my ultimate tea diet book. [Music Playing] Coffee versus Tea The main ingredient in coffee versus tea that we want to talk about is caffeine. Now we know from prior Podcast that caffeine is put into our wonderful comia sinensis plant for one reason, it is not to shock Americans and wake them up in the morning. It is a self defense mechanism so if insects come to consume the leaves, they threatened by the bitterness of the caffeine that makes up the upper membrane of the tea leaf. Now why is tea different in coffee when we consume it? Because tea is the only plant in the world that has L-thianines and L-thianines are not protein based amino acid that actually cancels out caffeine’s harmful effect on the system. I am asked all the time, “you know Doctor Tea, I hear there is more caffeine in tea than in the coffee”, well how many beans you grind to make a cup of coffee? When you brew a pot of tea, you are literally using this amount of tea. So, that in it of itself tells us that the amount of caffeine in tea that you consume is far or less than a cup of coffee. Now at Doctor Tea’s, I have created a wonderful coffee tea. What I have done is, I literally taken an oolong tea which is a raw tea and we know about that from the prior Podcast and I put it into a coffee roaster. Look at that color, it is just like coffee. I blended it with a little bit of Japanese hojicha, tahitian vanilla, and we have a fabulous coffee tea. Now, I have already pre brewed some here and when we take your coffee tea, you want to make sure it brewed a long period of time, and I am going to make Doctor Tea’s world famous “CapuTEAno”. So, I am going to take my blender, going to have here and of course you know how to make a frost tea from our last episode and I am going to pour it on our coffee tea right up to the ice line, and I have here a blend of a gave with a little bit of hazelnut because those of you that like “CapaTeano”, know as a little taste of hazelnut in there so a nice shot of that, put on our lit and you know in a matter of 30 seconds we are going to have a fabulous CapaTeano. You know, the Doctor Tea exercise while we view the frost tea. Oh got it, look how beautiful? There is no dairy in here and I have a special guest here today and she is going to tell us what she thinks of Doctor Tea’s “CapaTeano”. Woman: It is my favorite! Dr. Tea: [Laughing] Can you imagine? 18 to 20 calories, no grams of fat, half a gram of sugar and you can drink it all day, the recipes found in the ultimate tea diet, so please put down that cup of coffee, pick up some tea and make all the changes you want in your life. Stay tuned next week for we are going to talk about the world famous “Pu-erh” tea from China. [Music Playing]