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Tangled is Disney's 50th feature-length animated motion picture. It's based on a fairy tale and stars a princess. Is it the last of it's kind? We asked Dr. Dave Zikovitz for his expert opinion.


Ryan: Hi! I’m Ryan of Film Lab and today we’re talking with Disneyologist Dr. David Zikovitz. David thanks for coming. Dr. David Zikovitz: Thank you Ryan for having me. Ryan: So David you’re a Disneyologist, you’ve been studying Disney films for better part of your life. What are some of your favorite Disney films? Dr. David Zikovitz: I grow up with sort of the releases of Disney classics in the 80’s but then when the little mermaid came out which is called the Disney Renaissance and that was when people start to be coming interested and new Disney films again and that I guess one of my personal interests to pick. That I would say Beauty and the Beast is very masterpiece. Ryan: Right, what is it about the Disney Renaissance film that kind of makes them so great? Dr. David Zikovitz: They went back to the roots with The Little Mermaid and that’s Beauty and the Beast. Ryan: And then like classic fairytale. Dr. David Zikovitz: They revealing with classic fairytales and then they brought back sort of a musical elements which wasn’t even ask pronounce in the original films and they had this golden egg of the song writing team of Harold Hausman and Allen Banking, Harold Hausaman who wrote of lyrics and Allen Banking who wrote the music and suddenly people were living the theaters and signing the tunes you know I’m sure you remember singing under the sea after you left that theater in 1989. Ryan: So it seems like a lot of the Disney animated films of this renaissance that you mention, tense are kind to focus on the female character. Dr. David Zikovitz: For the most part a lot of fairytales do have female protagonist and part of it that they want to experience more in experience life on the top by the parents or by there circumstances or by a bear, evil stepmothers, they’re mere fathers and you know go out and discovered who are the truly are. Something that you learn about Disney is something does well they’re going to catching on whatever it is but they’re doing right at that moment a lot of little girls we’re growing up and they were at exactly the right age and Disney of course marks it like crazy and of course bringing it there Disney princess brands. Ryan: Yeah, yeah. Dr. David Zikovitz: Is that great. Ryan: They just going to grab that handful of there princess and many of them from that era. Dr. David Zikovitz: The from Ariel, Belle and Jasmine, they continually add more to the collection for example Princess Tiana has been added to the princess collection and a few years ago they had Enchanted and they were going to add Amy Adams to his character to the princess collection and realize they would have to pay royalties to use her likeness. Ryan: Earlier today, you were question enough because the latest and a future film Tangled, can you tell us a little bit about Tangled? Dr. David Zikovitz: You know I’m kind of the dependable Tangled and for quite few reasons Tangled was originally titled Rapunzel the girl with the long hair in the tower but they change the name to Tangled because after the cursive failure of the princess and the frog they thought nobody wants to see princess movie anymore so let’s turn this into a crazy, adventure, 3D comedy called Tangled. Walking to that movie theater it didn’t make me feel any less gay so I was really happy when I heard about Ellen was back during the music for Tangled it wasn’t really very good. Ryan: No. Dr. David Zikovitz: The music, I was really disappointed and none of the songs are really sense of— it ends to there movie and I think we’re something like beauty and the beast succeeded affected the deicers’ for beauty and beast was actually the effective producer of the whole team, Howard Ashman with his idea was it make this Disney film with music throughout that wouldn’t feel out of place and it’s that we ended up on Broadway and they work so well when people first thing so song throughout the film it feels like they’re supposed to be singing where as in Tangled it’s tag on it’s tangled up. Ryan: Also this week a press release came out the basically set that Disney wasn’t going to do any fairytale movies anymore. That no longer going to be making animated films about fairytales, do you thing that maybe that’s a good moves that maybe that can come up with something new. Dr. David Zikovitz: No, there are two answers to that question. The first of which is that I read that in fact yeah the press release is falls it erroneous we reported that the Disney fairytale has been pass but I feel it’s important to remonstrate that there are alive and well and Disney will continue this week with Tangled the contemporary retailing of a much love story and then we say we have the number of project in development with new twist that audiences will be able to enjoy for many years to come which doesn’t really skip that they’re doing fairytales anymore or that they’re not the same to have big, huge, sweeping reactions to one film doing freely and that’s always been the case where when ever you know a person had a sort of singular vision and which allowed to do what they wanted too that’s where they succeeded I mean in the case of Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Those were projects that were sort of taken on by one person in this film with I don’t know how many directors attached to a different points I think— Ryan: Two directors are credited. Dr. David Zikovitz: Two directors were credited and they were two different directors before that and I think they had it sort of taking out of there hands. Ryan: We’re very happy to had Dr. David Zikovitz on Disney all of just with us today to talk about Disney animated films and what they thought of Tangled. Thanks so much David. Dr. David Zikovitz: Thank you Ryan and been a pleasure. Ryan: No, the pleasure is ours.