Taking Research Material for a Job Interview
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Complete Step by Step Job Interview Video Tutorial - Taking Research Material for a Job Interview


Host: Can I take my research material with me to an interview? Karen Chopra: You should absolutely take your research material with you to the interview. It's another way of demonstrating to the employer that you've done your research. If you have highlighted it and ask question, and pull it out in the interview and say, you know in the annual report, you highlight this new program and I would like to know more about it. That's going to do nothing but impress them. So there is no problem with bringing the research along, and unless we are talking an enormous folder full of it. But if it's just a few pieces of paper, key things that you've printed off the website, go ahead and include that and I usually recommend that you just bring along a binder that has a place for papers on the left-hand side and a notepad and a pen and they can just flip your research next to copies of your resume in there.