Swine Flu Scare, Spammers and Phishing Attacks
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Those who prey on others via spam and phishing have already jumped on the swine flu bandwagon. McAfee Avert Labs has reported a dramatic increase in swine flu related spam and phishing attacks.


Swine Flu Scare, Spammers and Phishing Attacks Hi. This is Mike Callahan, Doctor File Finder and welcome to your Butterscotch.com breaking news tutorial on the Swine Flu Spam. It appears that the Swine who send out Spam and fishing attacks have wasted no time trying to capitalize on the latest Swine Flu Scare. Mc fees avert labs has noticed the dramatic increase and the purchase of domain name set contained the word Swine Flu. There’s also a large amount of spam. I’ll put the subjects that are typical in the show notes. You can see here on another site, we’re talking about Swine Flu Spam and fishing attacks that have greatly increased and one more site that’s talking about this increase and spam. So have your anti-virus and anti-spyware up to date and don’t open emails that pertain to Swine Flu. And that’s your breaking news.