Surgery Heals Short Bowel Syndrome in Kids
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This health video looks into the types of surgery that can help short bowel syndrome in children.


Jennifer Matthews: For most parents, changing a dirty diaper is a dreaded task. Not so for Colston Galloway's mom and dad. Noah Galloway: Not going to complain about it, that's for sure because we waited so long for it to happen that we are happy to see that side, and we deal with the smell. Jennifer Matthews: Colston didn't have bowel movements after his premature birth. Intravenous nutrition called TPN kept him alive. Colston was diagnosed with short bowel syndrome. Most of his intestines were twisted and useless. Doctor Edmund Yang removed the dead section, but the remainder was stretched too wide to be effective. The old approach was to split and connect what was left but Dr. Yang had a better way. Dr. Edmund Yang: One way to make the channel smaller so that the walls of the intestine can contract and push the food down would be to make serial staplings across the intestine in opposing directions. Jennifer Matthews: The STEP (Serial Transverse Enteroplasty) procedure, with its series of zig-zag cuts and staples, narrows and lengthens the remaining intestine. Colston is using formula now, and soon he won't need TPA, which will help him avoid liver and bowel transplants. Meanwhile, those dirty diapers are a reassuring sign that everything is working the way it should. This is Jennifer Matthews reporting.