Support, Fun For Kids of Fallen Soldiers at Camp
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About 500 kids who have lost a family member in the wars have gathered for an annual camp outside Washington, to have fun and share experiences only they can understand. (May 27)


[Location - Date:Arlington, VA 5/25/2012][Source:][VO:][VOICE-OVER]TRACK#1 NATS UP: I MISS MY DADFOR EIGHT YEAR OLD CADEN LAWTON, MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND IS A RELEASE HE'S ONE OF ABOUT 500 KIDS GATHERED AT A CAMP OUTSIDE WASHINGTON.ALL HAVE LOST A FAMILY MEMBER IN THE WARS. MARINE CAPTAIN GARRETT LAWTON WAS KILLED IN AFGHANISTAN NEARLY FOUR YEARS AGO. THE PAST THREE YEARS, CADEN AND HIS OLDER BROTHER RYAN HAVE BEEN COMING TO GOOD GRIEF CAMP RUN BY THE TRAGEDY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM FOR SURVIVORS. [SOT/](Caden Lawton, son of fallen Marine)"We got to do stuff that was fun//"i'm going to be right here just in case. And 1, 2, 3, go" [Location - Date:Arlington, VA 5/25/2012][Source:AP][VO:][VOICE-OVER]TRACK#2IT PAIRS THE KIDS WITH MENTORS WHO ARE EITHER ACTIVE DUTY OR RECENTLY RETIRED MILITARY ESSENTIALLY BIG KIDS HELPING LITTLE ONES, PLAYING AROUND OR JUST TAKING A BREAK. WHILE CADEN WAS OUTSIDE ON A HOT DAY; RYAN WAS INSIDE, PLAYING A GAME AND SHARING EXPERIENCES ONLY THESE KIDS CAN UNDERSTAND.[SOT/:Arlington, Va 5/25/2012](Ryan Lawton, son of fallen Marine)"In the beginning we talk about how our dads died"[Location - Date:][Source:AP][VO:][VOICE-OVER]TRACK#3FOR HIS MOM, THAT'S A BIG STEP.[SOT/](Trish Lawton, widow of fallen Marine)"I overheard my son asking another boy "what was your daddy's name?" and that's huge, because you can't ask Johnny at your elementary school that question because he can't relate."[VO:][VOICE-OVER]TRACK#4NATS UP: "happy to be here" FOR A WEEKEND AT LEAST, IT'S ALL ABOUT HAVING SOME FUN AND THE KIDS LIKE CADEN TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE EVEN WITH MEMORIES OF THEIR FALLEN NOT FAR OFF.SAGAR MEGHANI, ASSOCIATED PRESS, WASHINGTON[SIGOUT/REPORTER, LOCATION, ASSOCIATED PRESS] (****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: Sagar Meghani-------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: Angie Yack ---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: Yes ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: none ----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): none --------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: