Super Hero Movies and Kick-Ass
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Why is every freakin' Nerd Baby excited about this weird lookin' Nic Cage superhero thing? What exactly is all the kafuffle about? Kick Ass, as explained by Rajo from


Super Hero Movies and Kick-Ass The new millennium hasn’t brought slight cars or meals in pill form or the nerve pinch or mind nerve or robot wives or any of the things that dorks like me find in the dark days of 1987. But it has brought us one thing, an honest to God, nerve renaissance. Things you can see so you want to pretty good for us nerd babies. We’ve had a whole the batch of Star Wars movies. We have Lord of the Rings which certainly deliver the goods and we are smack dead in the middle of a seemingly, endless parade of super hero movie done right for the first time in film history. When I was a kid all you’d basically had was the first two Superman movies and Tim Drake’s Batman and Robin. There are also rumors of Captain American that is so bad that government shot the director and made his family pay for the bullet but that’s where it is, the handful of established mainstream characters in films with limited special effects. It’s kind of hard to take these guys seriously when you can see the tapestry, am I right? But now, we’re in the middle of shooting a green perking lantern movies starring Ryan Reynolds and I heard that his outfit, the closing wears are going to be entirely CG. How crazy is that? This Friday April 16, 2010 sees the release of Kick Ass, get another comic we’ll turn into a big deal high profile picture film and not only does it look like it’s going to be totally awesome. It represents a very significant cultural shift. Now that the mainstream appeal for this genre and have been established. It seems that for the first time ever, superhero stories can skip over the comic book medium and quickly and goes straight to movies. I mean, the pump has already been primed with movies like Spiderman and Batman Begins and Iron Man and Watchmen that Hollywood is hungry for original superhero context no matter where it comes from as long as they get the bottom most seeds. Kick Ass is a comic book written by Scottish writer Mark Millar who has made a reputation from self over the last three years for cropping inventive narratives that twists around genre conventions into new story possibilities. He help preview like into the X- Men with ultimate X-Men. He wrote the incredible Superman Red Son that imagine the old world in which Superman ship crashes and still get Russia as oppose to world cantus and he blatantly set out to tell a story from the villain’s point of view which is done very often. That comment was adapted into want it between two years ago and start Angelina Jolie as I remember. Well the concept for Kick Ass is equally fresh and daring and it’s perfect source material for an audience who now more than ever is willing to take expansively clad superheroes a little more seriously. Kick Ass basically tells a story of Dave Lizewski, a regular high school comic book writer who wonders why knowing in a real world has ever tried to put on a costume and create crime which is a question that every nerd throughout history has act himself at one point or another so Dave starts working out and he need some costume and it cost himself Kick Ass but on the first night of his climb fighting career he gets his ass and just like in real world. It is supposed to be a brutally realistic take on the mechanics of crime fighting in a world without superpowers or super films. These are regular people who wants smart like Bruce Wayne or super rich or super drunk like Tony Star. Normal people like you and me fighting drug dealers and smugglers and this is very much an idea that could only happen now. It can only work in 2010 following the 10 years cultural superheroes saturation you’ve seen in picture films. But here’s a funny part. The right to adapt Kick Ass theatrically was sold before the first issue to be comic even hit the stands. Mark Millar just in party and you happen to be talking get a Matthew Vaughn, director of this film about this idea for comic book he had. Vaughn loves the idea and said basically, “You write the comic book, I’ll make the movie more or less.” By all accounts since the script for the film and script for the comic were written simultaneously allowing the story to both involve together which I don’t think really has happened before and you’ve got to wonder if second quiz beating and the film is actually in adaptation of the comic or vise versa. You’ll never know. One thing is for sure, Kick Ass shows scenes that are going to be good, a lot of early reports are saying that the film is indeed it does. This is verified when the film premiered at last December’s Butt-Numb-A-Thumb which is on a cool news annual 24 hour geek that happens in the Austin, Texas, standing ovation for Kick Ass so really was not the lake. Nicolas Cage of its tall dark man and 11-year-old that swears all the time and goes on a murder spree. Nicolas and Tony for good measure and an honest to God effort on the part of film maker to make this character scene real and blood putting on costume then going out beating up criminals. From Kick Ass in the real world, if you’ve been enjoying can join the reason batch of super heroes films that will come out of Hollywood then chances are that we got nothing to lose if you don’t’ see Kick Ass just don’t bring your kids not a kid’s movie