Sunscreen Showdown - Sun Protection for Kids
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DadLabs Ep. 316 Gear Daddy - When it comes to sunscreen, what gets the job done best: sprays, squeeze bottles or sticks? Daddy Troy pulls the trigger on this sunscreen showdown, and the goop is flying. Sun protection for geeks (and their kids) brought to you by One Step Ahead. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Welcome back to Gear Daddy, I am your host, daddy Troy. Sunscreens has come a long way since we were kids, now you have all this new fangled delivery mechanisms and we’re going to put them to the test today in our sunscreen showdown. This whole week has been sponsored by and we are giving away gift certificate to, so stick around into the end of the program, and I will tell you how to get one. So I have divided all these bottles into four different categories. The first category is the kind in which you actually push and it sprays on to your child. The second is the kind that you squeeze on to your child, the third is a trigger mechanism and the fourth is the rub on kind. The first thing I really like about this spray on bottles is that you can spray them from any angle unlike the squeeze on bottles. With these, you can go up and down the legs, you can go under the arms, it really doesn’t matter what angle you go at. So this spray bottles come in two different types, this is a lotion spray and this right here is an oil spray. Let me show you how they work, let’s start with the lotion spray, the lotion spray, you’ll see how it goes on right here and you can see some white there so it’s actually a lotion and then let us now do the other type, which is more of an oily based type. It goes on without any whiteness at all. One advantage to the lotion based spray is that the lotion based spray is you can actually see where it’s been and where it hasn’t been, it’s a little easier to notice what part of the child is actually been sprayed. Now these were form Banana Boat, let’s go ahead and test a similar product which is Coppertone for kids and Coppertone for kids also has a lotion based one and an oil based one, let’s check those out. This one right here is the quick and easy lotion from Coppertone who has a nice spray pattern on that one, really nice and even, Coppertone quality product. Now we have the oil based one right here. It has a much wider spray pattern. It also goes on really evenly, really like the Coppertone products. One of the reason I really like the Coppertone products is that you will notice that with this Banana Boat, I have to take the lid off and that lid, first of all is going to get lost. Moreover, once it is inside your beach bag, your kids usually are going to press on it and it is going to go over your set. With these right here, that’s really cool about the Coppertone ones is you will notice that the cap twists and so you can close the cap and leave it inside your bag. Another great thing about all of these bottles is their form factor. Their form factor is very narrow so it can really fit into your bag quite easily. Also, they are not smoochable unlike these ones, which you have to squeeze them to get them on. I’ve also got a new brand on the market, it’s kind of a generic brand called Baby Sunscreen, let's test this one, it also has the cap which you’re going to lose. This one right here is a lotion spray so let us see if we see some of the white on this one and you do, it’s got a pretty nice spray pattern, pretty wide, I’d give it a good on that, it looks a little bit more oily and smelly than the other ones whereas spray bottles will likely to get full coverage from any angle. Squeeze bottles actually require that you put some possibly in your hand, or actually touch the kid’s skin and some kids really do not like that. When you go to buy one of these, you want to judge the cap, the cap is the number one thing, so it is going to come open, it might rip off, it is a flimsy cap, it’s going to get squeezed inside your bag and it’s going to go everywhere. So you would really want to judge them by the cap. This one right here is again by Banana Boat. It’s got a fairly good cap on it, a little bit flimsy. Here is another one I picked up, this is from Ocean Potion and Ocean Potion has a really strong cap on, you can here that definitive pop when it opens up, feels like a higher grade plastic. You’ve also got the standard old bottle which we led the show with in which you press