Summer Safety Tips for Children
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Dr. Barry Hainer talks about specific ways a parent can help keep their child safe over the summer.


Dr. Barry Hainer: Keeping your child safe over the summer is important and there are some specific tips that I think they can be useful. If they are going to be bicycle riding they should be wearing a safety helmet, I think that’s important we tend to over look it. We need to set example as parents when are riding and in force rules that if you are on your bike it’s cool to wear a bike helmet. Secondly, I think we want to protect our children who are at risk for sunburn from too much sun exposure by covering them with clothing that protects them and using sunscreens and reapplying them if they are going to be in the water after a couple of hours, applying in sufficient amount to do a job that they’re design to do which means for a young child where for child is approximately six years of age that we take about an ounce of sunscreen and it should be labeled SPF 15 sun protection at 15 or higher. An ounce to cover most of there trunk and body and as there in adolescent there might be even in the higher quantity we tend to under treat them. Also we want them out of the mid-day sun between 10 and 2 or later in some areas that are more sudden in there altitudes. We want to teach your children to swim if they are going to be around water areas, we want them to be able to enjoy the water safety and to be able to return to shore safely wore if there any pool to be able to swim and hold there heads about water.