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In this video, we learn where to get information on Summer safety and the Summer Safety channel.


Female Speaker: Welcome to the Pulse 2.10. In this episode we'll help you stay safe this summer, appointed to the nearest hospital, give power to the patients and show you how to treat ICYOU. It's officially summer and that means its time for fun in the sun, swimming, hiking, biking you name it but while you are catching rays and waves be sure to keep you and your loved ones safe and sunburn free. On ICYOU summer safety channel, you can learn how to prevent drowning and other water dangers. You can also get tips on how to get vitamins D taking from the sun without getting a nasty sunburn. You can also find out about the dangers of skin cancer and your best facts for avoiding it and still enjoying the outdoors all summer long. These tips will help you stay safe this summer but if you need to visit a healthcare provider, icyou is there to help. icyou has contributing doctors from hospitals around the United States and around the world, top medical professional at top institutions, sharing their expertise with you, checkout VCU, Community, Charity Health System, University of Michigan health systems and many more looking for a patient's perspective, look no further than patient power. These stories will touch your heart and advance your awareness of people who are living with or who have lived through chronic disease from depression to breast cancer and most to obesity. Here are stories from those who have been there and what they do to keep going strong. And don't forget that you can upload your own videos to icyou anytime free of charge plus in addition to icyou you can find and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Let us know what you think and share your story with us. Remember you don't have to be an MD to know our team connects you to the best health video community on the web. Until next time, this is icyou, intensive content for your health.