Summer Day Camp for Kids at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
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Description learns about a Fine Art Day Camp that is interested in having fun while kids plunge right into the life of an artist. Parents looking something different than the usual boring stuff for their kids to do during the summer, sent them to an art camp. In this video we speak to Marilyn Lajeunesse, Educational Programs Officer at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, about their art summer camp.


Veronica: Schools out for summer so why not enroll in the Art Camp. Hi! I am Veronica, the and today Marilyn Lajeunesse tell us all there is need to know about Art Camp. So what is Art Camp? Marilyn: They learn to look it art. They learn to talk about art. They learn to become comfortable in the museum setting. It’s also a great service I think to the community because a lot parents are looking for activities and structured but not too structured. The kids are having a lot of fun when they’re doing art. They’re just enjoying being here. Veronica: What medium still the children get to work with? Marilyn: They’ll go from you know drawing, to painting, to sculpture, to collage. They have their own little sketch books. Veronica: Would you say that everybody is an artist? Marilyn: I don’t think everybody is an artist just like I don’t think everybody is a doctor or everybody has the potential to be a doctor or nurse or a lawyer or whatever but I thing everyone has the capacity to express themselves visually and all children have such spontaneity about them. They don’t have all those hang outs so I don’t have a doubt being afraid to pick the paint brush because they have certain expectations of a quality of the worker going to produce. Kids don’t have that. Veronica: Thank you Marilyn. Marilyn: You’re very welcome.