Stump the Chef: Liver, French Fries, Olives
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Calf liver, left over French fries, and canned olives. Can Matt cook up something tasty with these out of the ordinary ingredients? Start with liquefied liver, refried French fries, and see what comes next -- success or STUMPED?


Male: One seasoned chef, three random ingredients, and three tough judges. It is time for Stump the Chef. Today award winning chef Matt Weaver will set his creative culinary skills against his toughest opponent yet. Let’s see today’s random ingredient. Female: Canned olives, day old French fries, Liver? Male: Now, let’s play Stump the Chef. Matt: You know what, they think this one is going to be hard, but now I got a plan. That’s one is in the bag. Male: Sounding pretty confident right out of the gate. I got to say I don’t envy Matt one bit here, dealing with organ meats is never easy, it looks like he is kicking it off by grilling up that liver. He also drained the olives and already started out dicing those day old French fries. Male: You know Matt said he had this one in the bag but I have never had liver in a bag before. Male: You know the liver is actually very nutritious. It’s high in both iron and vitamin-A. Male And my doctor told me mine is high in siroccos. Male: Matt’s got those diced up day old French fries in the bowl now. His mixed the olives in there as well and cracking an egg into that mixture, not exactly sure where he is going with this yet though. If I had to guess, especially with the addition of that flour, I would say we are going to see some sort of potato pancake today. Male: Let me tell you this reminds me of the glory days back at PS 151 where lunch lady Doris made the best organ meat in town. I really like where Matt’s going with this. I think I am going to love it. Male: He put some salt and some black pepper in there, and I believe that was dried parsley as well. Whisking it up into some sort of loose mixture, its going to be interesting to see how this comes together especially with that liver. Getting ready to fire up that food processor, looks like Matt’s started out with some butter followed that up with some cream cheese in there and the liver chunks. Male: That is one heck of a protein shake. Male: It sure is he put some salt in there. As well as some black pepper, not exactly sure how this is going to play into the meal. He also grated some nutmeg in there. Male: Wow, is this going to be some kind of shake, or maybe liver nag? Male: I doubt it is liver nag; the only thing that is clear here is Matt is definitely getting creative with these ingredients. Male: Maybe liver pudding? Male: Sorry to interrupt guys, but its time for Matt’s tangent. Matt: Olive trees are some of the oldest known cultivated trees in the world. Olives have actually been found in Egyptian tombs over four thousand years old. An olive tree can live up to fifteen hundred years. But the average is about five hundred. Now olives are not edible straight of the tree. They need to be cured with Lie, brine, or dry salt. Green olives are cured before they are ripe. And black olives afterwards. Almost 90% of all the olives produced in the world are used for olive oil. And almost 98 % of all the olive trees in the world are in the Mediterranean. Now my favorite way to eat them is very simple, a little French bread, some olive oil on top. Very tasty, enjoy. Male: Meanwhile, back in the kitchen. Male: Frying up his potato mixture there. It looks like Matt is moving along pretty well and putting this meal together. Though I got to be honest at this stage I still feel like I am pretty much in the dark as to what is going on. No idea how this is going to play off the bizarre liver mixture that we saw him making in the food processor earlier. And you know generally at this stage of the game we got a pretty good idea of what Matt’s doing. Male: Absolutely true we usually do. The only thing I am sure of is that my Mema, God bless her soul, she is ninety years old, would love this meal because she wouldn’t have to wear her dentures. Male: Looks like he diced up some chives earlier as well. I am assuming that is going to be used as some sort of garnish. Of course the question is garnish for what? Because we still don’t now how this meal is going to come together. Male: Yeah actually my Mema hates chives. Male: Well now it looks like we are getting some sort of idea how this is going to come together. It looks like that liver mixture is going to a piping bag. You know Matt was really confident about this at the start. I am still not sure how these are gong to come together. I would be curious to know how he is feeling about it now. Matt, how’s it going? Matt: Well, I had high hopes for this one, and I thought I had a good game plan, but these ingredients they are stacking up against me. And I think its going to be a stumper. I am not happy. Male: Well, it looks like Matt has lost all the confident he had at the start. His calling himself out on a stump, of course in the end it’s all up to the judges. What do you think about al of this? Male: I’m not really too sure how this is going to all come together, but I have to say that really reminds me of something I bought off the internet once. Male: It’s plating time. Male: Well now we finally get to see how this whole meal is going to come together. It looks like these potato pancakes are going to be the foundation of it and his taking that liver mixture and just piping it right ton top. Male: You know these look like chocolate chip cookies with chocolate pudding on top. And I am not going to be fooled again by you Matt. Male: I guess this is some sort of appetizer, he is going with a liver canapé sort of thing, and he is sprinkling it with the diced chives right on top. Not looking too sure of himself right now. Male: Now let’s bring out the judges. Matt: Alright guys keep in mind I had left over French fries, canned olives, and liver. I thought I had a good plan going, I am not so sure now. Check it out, and let’s see what you think. Enjoy. Joe Diaz: Matt, by no fault of your own, these ingredients would very difficult to work with. Personally I would have thrown everything out but the olives. So your doing alright just from the presentation side, but the flavor. The liver, personally I have a problem with eating part of the body that is known as the filtration system. I think you tried to incorporate everything decently, just left over French fries, liver. Didn’t go well with it, not your fault, got to say you have been stumped. I would like to meet a chef though, that could make these work, so good job on trying. Shiraz: Um, yeah that’s not very good. And I could be little more colorful about it. It reminds me of the flavor in my grandmother’s house when there are a ton of clothes stacked on top of each other. That smell, that brought me back to that spot. Um, but wow, that’s not very good, and I think you have been stumped with this one for sure. Tali: Matt, I really don’t have anything good to say about this. I think you tried. It definitely shows, but the flavors just don’t work, in any way, alone or together. I am sorry, Matt you’ve stumped. Matt: Uh, thank you very much for your comments, nice. Male: Let’s tally the votes. Looks like they opened a can of whoop ass on you Matt, you have been stumped. Matt: Well shit, I mean, I tried I guess. I didn’t really have fun. But I hope you did. Don’t be afraid of the kitchen, see you next time. Male: That’s it for this episode of Stump the Chef. Matt: Matt you’re stumped. All original show all on HD from