Stroller Strides Workout
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In an attempt to improve his physical fitness and lose weight, Daddy Brad embarks upon his weight loss challenge with the help of Stroller Strides instructor Joi Morse. Stroller Strides is a boot camp type fitness program geared for new moms to get back in shape after pregnancy. The fitness and social group uses interval based cardio workouts, resistance bands and incorporates baby strollers making for a great workout for parents and fun for kids.


Daddy Clay: Hey there, I'm Daddy Clay. And this is Daddy Brad. Actually it's not Daddy Brad. It's a potty chair and a really cool one from BabyBjorn, who sponsors our show. So where is Daddy Brad? Well, here at DadLabs, we've begun another dad weight loss challenge. We hope that you'll join us by going to And Daddy Brad has taken some slightly unusual steps to try and shed a few pounds. Let's take a look. Joi Morse: Stroller Strides is a fitness program geared towards first time moms and beyond. And it's a way for moms to exercise with their kids in tow. Anyone is welcome; we just ask that you have your six weeks postpartum checkup. It is not just a walking group. When people ask me that, I really, I don't want to scare them because you can take it at any level but it is interval-based workouts with walking or jogging in between stations. It can be hard and you can push yourself and it can be as hard as any other boot camp that you may go to. We can do anything. We use the environment. Like today, we used the picnic benches to step up onto the bench, tricep dips. We use those resistance bands for anything under the sun. It is amazing what we come up with those resistance bands to work total body workout. And then we can, like we did today, the cardio burst, maniac, fast-feet, pushups, you name it. Well, moms come for different reasons. And that's what great about Stroller Strides because it really is a fitness and social group. People come here to improve their fitness level, but it's also a big time social group. We have playmates; we have mom's night out. And moms come to talk, because it can be isolating if you just stopped working full time and you have this wonderful baby that you want to share with the world but you're staring at the walls. You want to get your body back. And that's where Stroller Strides come in. I mean there are some moms that can go to the gym and drop off their kids in the nursery. Awesome. My kids were never those kids. They would cling to me. So even when I tried to workout in the gym, the whole time I'm thinking, "Hurry, hurry, hurry. My baby's crying." So for me it's been a lifesaver because I can get out of the house, talk to other moms, get an awesome workout. I've had three kids. I'm in the best shape of my life. It's typically geared towards moms, but dads are always welcome. You can visit and then go to locations, type in your zip code and you'll find, we're all over the country. Daddy Brad: I am definitely doing that again. But first, take a nap. Daddy Clay: Baby gear as a weight loss technique. Very interesting. I wonder if I could lose weight by drinking only from baby bottles. Today's episode is brought to you by BabyBjorn. This cool new potty chair from them is something you really ought to check out. Hey, if you're interested in losing a little bit of that baby weight dads, join us over at Get involved in the DadLabs weight loss challenge. It's very low key. Guys sharing success stories and techniques. You'll really like it. It's the greatest way to get together and get some support for losing the baby weight. We'll see you next time here in The Lab.