Stokke Care Changing Table
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Daddy Troy combed the vast show floor at the ABC Kids Expo to find the very coolest products. Here he visits one of our favorite designers of kids' gear: Stokke. Their changing table -- the Care -- is one of the most Dad friendly we've ever seen. And it's a changing table that actually changes! Ep. 404 Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to Gear daddy I am your host Daddy Troy and today I am with Meagan from Stokke and she has a changing table that evolves into a child desk I am going to tell you all about it. Okay Meagan tell me all about this changing table. Megan: Well, Stokke has been around for 75 years and what we do is we try to make products, quality products that help you bond with your child. So you will notice that this changing table is actually different from other changing tables, the child is going to be up closed to you and for entering our newborn up is something that is really important. It lowers their anxiety level and just brings that bond closer. Daddy Troy: But also different dad, it is just going to high up. Meagan: Yes, so you are not bending over. Daddy Troy: Right. Meagan: And you are also facing the child which is any other changing table you are going to see you have 90% of the time you are on your side. So here, you have the get back convenience factor. Daddy Troy: Sure and that is great, it got a little side places to store your stuff and make everything really, all the wipes and all the creams and stuff. Meagan: Yes and if this is too high you can drop it to the next level and actually have it lower if someone is a little bit shorter. The changing table comes in five different colors. Daddy Troy: Okay, and what about this? Meagan: And use—the colors are walnut, natural, gray, white and cherry. Daddy Troy: Great. Meagan: We use seven layers of non-toxic from aldehyde free stain and our wood products are made from cultivated peach wood and have a seven-year warranty. Daddy Troy: And so when you are done with the changing table and your child is getting older, you could move on to this next position right here. Meagan: Yes, so this is a play area or a small desk if you want and essentially, you are taking the top piece you are adjusting it to this level and you have your play area. Daddy Troy: Oh fun and the child can store his/her books on the side crayons and things and it is pretty easy thing to do. You just need an Allen Wrench to move it up and down. Meagan: Correct and the Allen Wrench comes with a product and something that maybe a good tip for people. It is just take that right under the changing table. Daddy Troy: Oh, so it is always there and available. Megan: Yes and you will not lose it.. Daddy Troy: Sure. Meagan: So this is actually our large desk, which is an expansion kit which you purchase separately. Daddy Troy: So this is a little longer than the piece that we had over here. Meagan: That is correct. Because that already exist so have an additional piece. Daddy Troy: And you guys have a new color, gray? Meagan: Yes but we are introducing—we just brought this out about a month ago so our entire nursery collection will be in gray and this you will see the changing table in gray. Daddy Troy: Well thanks Meagan. Thank you so much for the talking with us today. Meagan: Thank you. Daddy Troy: And we will see you next week on Gear Daddy and all week long at