Stella McCartney's Gap Kids and Baby Gap Fashion
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Stella McCartney launched her first collection in collaboration with GapKids and BabyGap just in time for the holidays.


Stella McCartney's Gap Kids and Baby Gap Fashion Veronica: The Stella McCartney for Gap Kids and Baby Gap Collection offers designs with Stella’s signature touches with some fun twist for girls and boys from zero to six months up to 12 years old. Celebrity moms and their kids recently enjoyed an evening of face painting, balloon animals and Stella’s latest collection. Hi, I’m Veronica with And today we’re taking a look at the latest in designer collaborations. Stella McCartney: I’ve started off designing the collection and thinking about obviously the fact that I had three children of a certain age. And then half way through, I suddenly realized that my eldest child who’s about four and a half was starting to have his own opinions about what he wanted to wear, and it’s something that dawned on me that I couldn’t just sort of dress the children of GAP in what I wanted them to wear. And actually had to try and appeal to what they wanted to wear as well. Sasha Alexander: First of all, she loves children and has children so I think naturally, why you wouldn’t she lend her talents to doing something super cool for kids. And I think that there's such a huge market now. People are making really interesting clothes that aren’t just cotton tees and sweat pants for kids. They’re doing fashionable stuff and fun stuff. Liv Tyler: Stella is such a genius. I want all of these stuffs for me though that’s the problem. Milo has got these sneakers on that I really wish they made them in a size 10 women’s though. Constance Zimmer: Well, I mean come on, it’s fantastic. It’s like stuff for us but in our kid’s size. I want everything. I want it all in my size. Sasha Alexander: What’s great when you have especially a little girl is that now she has a great cardigan like I do and she could wear things and say, “Mommy look, we have the same thing.” Stella McCartney: I’ve sort of shrunk down Stella things that I’ve done before or in the past that I think really worked small and then I’ve put in completely new original pieces that are more geared to kids. Constance Zimmer: GAP already is the most amazing clothing for kids. And now that there’s like a designer designing for GAP, it’s like it puts it over. They can’t even touch it. Can’t touch it! Liv Tyler: It’s such a great collaboration with the GAP because it’s something that’s very affordable but very classic and timeless and then sort of comfortable. Amber Valetta: It looks amazing. And of course, my favorite is the homage to Sgt. Peppers. So my son’s have got to have one of those.