Staying Fit and Healthy at Forty
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All this week we have been bringing you highlights from the more magazine Reinvention Convention in New York City. Today our reinvention correspondent Judy Goss talks to the experts about staying fit and healthy - once you hit forty.


Rhiannon Ally: All this week we've been bringing you highlights from the more magazine reinvention convention in New York, City. Today our reinvention correspondent Judy Goss talks to the experts about staying fit and healthy ones you hit 40. Judy Goss: Hi, Judy Goss at the reinvention convention in New York, City they say you don’t have anything if you don’t have your health. But sometimes with our busy schedules that can take a backseat so we met up with some reinvention convention health care experts for tips on staying healthy all year around. Pamela Peeke: It’s all about reinventing your body, you know when you're looking at financing you're looking at business and trying to take care of families but what about you. And that’s why what I try to do is give them the ten secrets as it were to really understanding, how to redefine normal ones you hit 40 because you can keep looking backwards. Judy Goss: And why is fitness and nutrition so ultra important for women 40 and over. Pamela Peeke: Fitness and nutrition is so important because after the age of 40 if you're not paying attention to that you're body begins to deteriorate much faster than if you were 20 or 30 and look what is a woman want out of life. She wants to stay strong and independent mentally and physically. Judy Goss: Were here with Dr. Gail Saltz she moderated our women’s health panel today. What exactly did you talk about on the women’s health panel? Dr. Gail Saltz: Oh, were talking about how to have a better sex life for yourself, throughout the ages were talking about it from a body, nutrition prospective. From anatomical and biological perspective your hormones and what’s happening in your body and from a psychological perspective you know what might get in the way of your sex life and how you can make that better. Judy Goss: Women over 40 do you feel like they're more interested now a days in researching about their sexual health than they were before. Dr. Gail Saltz: Well I think a lot of the taboo about sexuality has come down and I think women are realizing that they're sex lives can get better through the decades as opposed to getting worst and I think women want them for themselves and so, yes I do think that more women are willing to go out and figure out what’s not working and what they can do to make it better. Judy Goss: So take their advice to heart and make health your priority in the coming year. I'm, Judy Goss of the Reinvention Convention back to you. Rhiannon Ally: Thanks, Judy and what more from the Reinvention Convention tomorrow when Judy talks to the finance experts, about how to survive and even thrive in this troubled economy.