Stars shine at the Critics' Choice Awards - 2010
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Hollyscoop's Diana Madison hit the red carpet for the 15th Annual Critics' Choice Awards & talked to Stars from 'Precious', 'Inglorious Basterds', 'Brothers', '30 Rock', 'Avatar', as well as others. Hollyscoop caught up with Gabourey Sidibe, Lee Daniels, Mo'Nique, Diane Kruger, James Cameron, Bailee Madison, Tracy Morgan and others.


Stars shine at the Critics' Choice Awards – 2010 Diana Madison: The critics have chosen and here to get the scoop on who are we taking in the Critics Choice Movie Award. Hey everyone, I'm Diana for and Hollyscoop.TV here in the red carpet getting you guys the scoop, enough talking now let’s get to it. [Demonstration] Diana Madison: What are you excited most about? Gabourey Sidibe: This moment right here. Diana Madison: Did you dream about this? Gabourey Sidibe: No, not really but I’m glad it’s happening. Diana Madison: Oscar bust here on the scoop are you ready for that? Lee Daniels: Ah. Diana Madison: You look gorgeous. How are you taking to get ready today? Mo Nique: About three hours. Diana Madison: What is about three hours, what is the process like? Mo Nique: Well when you have some fun face that takes sometime. When you have a Lena Palm hairstyle that take sometime. When you have Tom and Linda flat dress that takes sometime, put all together three hours. Diana Madison: This is it I mean what can we say, I don’t know there’s much to say about it but it is phenomenal on the box office people and the touch people world wide, did you already knew that is going to happen or was it kind of – Kenny Ortega: Of course not, it is the most challenging and emotional journey of my life and there were and it is always surrounded by a lot of loving hearts and supported by a great studio and I just sit everything to get all the fear and all the anxiety out of my way and focus on what still we wanted to tell and aim hard, work hard and came out the other side very grateful. Diana Madison: Did you expect the movie to do this so long? Diane Kruger: There was a good feeling about it honestly when we made it. Diana Madison: Are you excited with all the bust amateurs getting? James Cameron: Oh yeah this is a very exciting. What’s not to be excited about? Diana Madison: Can I have a question? Bailee Madison: I think he is the key to Jonas Brother but they all are very cute. Diana Madison: Are you excited because of the award show or for the Jonas? Bailee Madison: I think both. I am very excited about the award show as well. Diana Madison: Now you’re nominated tonight? Bailee Madison: I did not make it. Diana Madison: Are your friends jealous right now? They’re like-- Bailee Madison: No they’re so supportive, they are so, so supportive. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Diana Madison: What’s so like to be at the upper part give us a little insight? Tracy Morgan: Oh what it’s like to be at the party when I’m there or was it like when I’m not there. Diana Madison: What if you’re there? Diana Madison: It is a whole another level when I’m in there. Diana Madison: Give us an insight because we’re not — my Charlotte that is a whole another level. Male: Can you take sure on tonight on stage? Tracy Mogan: People can get harmed. Male: Give the people what they want. Tracy Mogan” I’m sorry Godzilla going on Tokyo so that it won’t get hurt they got the grandest streets. When I’m add at the party. Diana Madison: What is the craziest you have seen award show after party? Ken Jeong: I just pretty much just drink my Seltzer and my amps to light and I’m pretty much gone so. Diana Madison: Tell us what really happened. Ken Jeong: I screamed naked at myself in the mirror but that’s at home. Bailee Madison: Hey I’m Bailee Madison and that’s the scoop from Hollyscoop. Diana Madison: That’s the scoop from Hollyscoop. I’m Diana and I’ll see you guys at the next red carpet.