Star Trek Online The Future Past - Part Two
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In Part 2 of Atari and Cryptic Studios backstory video series for Star Trek Online, the war-like military movements of the Klingons are chronicled.


Previously on Star Trek Online The Future Past, Civil war between the Klingons and the Romulans has weakened both of the races, allowing the Klingon Empire ample opportunity to strike Romulans and retake territories long lost. Then aborted these people between the Gorn and the newly involved with the Klingon Empire results in a second conflict for the warriors of— The federation peace talks continue to fail and the Klingons continue their wars. A few years later in 2395, Jerod, the leader of the Klingon house of—is on shortly when it’s attacked by three strange shape shifting—features. So, Rod manages to take out two of them and brings a third batch to—for questioning. Subjected to uniquely Klingon interrogation techniques, the alien creature, he was sent to dispose Jerod and assume his place thereby infiltrating the Klingon high command. When one of the—Klingon to their counsel their attitude toward other races became even aggressive. And all this while, the Gorn Klingon War continue to rise eventually drawing the alliance and under the— It’s not until seven long years were passed that the Klingons are able to achieve a decisive victory by just using control of the Gorn home world. It’s only then that the Klingon discovered the Gorn government had already fallen to the same alien fought designed to support their own hired council. In fact, it’s word raging for seven years. Of course after Gorn fell, the—has quickly followed suit. That’s why when you place Star Trek Online, Klingon’s, Gorn, Nausican and Orions are all part of the greater Klingon. Embedded by their conquest over the Gorn, the Klingon high council has decided they’re one step further in 2404. Although previously surrendered to the federation, the Klingons have stake ancient claim to the Hiromi cluster and the sector surrounding it. They announced to the federation that they need to have all of their civilian’s settlements and assets removed from the sector within three months time. In 2405, the Klingons invade the sector. They begin by forcibly removing federation civilians from the planet of Corvette. Star Trek is mobilized and they established a blockade to stop the Klingon coercion. In the year 2406, the Klingons invade the Arachnis sector. This has been a long standing buffer between the empire and the federation. The war is on. Welcome to 2409.