Standing Lunge
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Learn the standing lunge exercise with Judy Notte Howard and practice this great kids' fitness drill to get strong and stay healthy.


We are moving on to the lower body now. We are going to work on Standing Lunges. You are going to take your right foot forward. A couple of things you got to remember. From the front view, what you want to think about is you want to think of driving the energy through to the heel in the ground opposite arm and leg and you are sinking down through those hips, keeping a nice straight line. Try to track that front knees. Stop it from moving side to side. We are dropping down and up. Now, when you move to the side, this is what it looks like. The most important thing to remember is to sit back on your heels and you want to have a nice straight line from your knee, your hip and your shoulder. So, when you drop down, watch my line, straight line all the way down. I am dropping back through those hips and coming up, and moving those arms back and forth naturally, keeping it nice and tall, straight line drop down. Okay, let us go. Give it a try, you guys. So remember, knee, hip and shoulder, nice straight line tracking the front knee. Do not let it wobble side to side. Good! Nice athletic arms. That looks really great! Okay. Try the other side. You might want to slow it down just a little bit, make it challenge yourself a little bit. Here we go, down. Good! Awesome! Dropping through those hips, that is it, good! Give me one more. This one is a standing lunge. Perfect!