Staff at Silver Lake Negotiate Bariatric Coverage with Insurance Companies
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Dr. Shyam Dahiya describes how the staff at Silver Lake Medical Center will negotiate coverage for bariatric surgery with health insurance companies.


The minute you walk in that’s the first thing that often start to tell you this is what your insurance is going to not only just financially what they're going to pay or not but also every insurance not putting new or newer whether it’s all block, whether is say slow down there or whether it’s any other reason or the experience has showed but they will also as far as my office personnel try to tell you this is what you're insurance is going to require let's get you started on that one. For example most of them are requiring right now that you need to have a six month doctor inspected doctor prescribe weight lose program. They want to know what if you can lose on your own and you don’t need the operation. So all those simple little things would be answered at least that way you know what you have to go through and that you don’t that somewhere restless and well somebody is just not trying to do your operation. So the aim is to let you know upfront so that you can go on facilitated.