Squid Soap Educational Toy Review
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Are you looking for a good parenting trick to get your children to wash up before dinner? The dads recommend Squid Soap, a liquid soap designed to teach kids proper hand washing techniques.


Male: Whenever I ask my kids if they’ve washed their hands, the answer is always the same, yes. That's not because they're particularly mindful of their hygiene, but now I know a way to tell if they're telling me the truth. Squid soap. I got with me Steven Mote with Squid soap. Steven tell us about your product. Steven: Oh, this is a great device. And what it does is it teaches kids proper hand washing. You always got the splash and dash, for your child going into the bathroom. Now it won't happen again. What it is, is a liquid soap. You push down on the pump to get the liquid soap out. It makes some ink mark on their hand, they you have to wash your hand for 15-20 seconds to get it properly clean. That is the same amount of time most health professionals recommend that you should wash your hands. And it’s also recommended by the CDC. Male: It’s great. It’s like truth serum for hand washing. Watch out kids, I can tell.