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How to use the hand and selection tools in Sprout? Sprout Builder is the Quick and Easy way to create sophisticated multimedia content. Our builder requires no flash programming skills. Check out http://sproutbuilder.com for more information.


How Do I Use Selection Tools in my Sprout? Or “What Do I Do When My Sprout is Too Big for the Stage?” In this video will talk about how to use the selection tools, specifically the hand tool. One of the most commonly asked questions is what do you do with your sprout gets too big for the stage that your working on. Well, one of the selection tools is obviously the point and arrow. Well, over here in the tools panel, we have the hands tool. When you select the hand tool your able to drag your entire sprout all over any part of the stage, including some areas that are off of the stage. This way you can always see the top or the bottom or any of the sides, if they are not readily available. A couple of tricks you double click on your sprout with hand tool, it automatically send as to back in the middle of the stage. And also, if you hold down the space bar, you can toggle back and fourth, between the point and arrow and the hand tool. You may notice sometimes you accidentally drag an object after you meticulously placed it exactly where you want it to be. You can get around that by going over here to the tools panel and here you will lock and unlock functions. When you lock an object you’re no longer able to move it. If you want to move it again, just simply go over here and unlock it. And that’s how you use the selection tools in your sprout.