Spring Vegetable Frittata
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Alex's colorful vegetable frittata is a delicious way to celebrate spring.


During Easter, you could say eggs were in the go and that gives me the perfect excuse to pull out one of my favorite recipes, my Spring Vegetable Frittata. This frittata is all about spring vegetables and for me, asparagus, scallions and fresh arugula leaves are all about the first days of spring. Start with a nice egg foundation; eight whole eggs, give it a nice whisk. And now, I just want to season these eggs a little bit. I like to do that with just a touch of hot sauce and just a tiny bit of Worcestershire sauce. These are the kind of ingredients that no one will no it’s there but they’ll add a little something special anyway. A little bit of pepper, pinch of salt and two tablespoons of heavy cream. And now, it’s time for the fun part dealing with those beautiful, spring vegetables. I am going to add some olive oil, couple table spoons. You really want to coat the bottom. Put these asparagus right in there. You just roast them for a minute or two to cook out the excess liquid from them before I add the eggs. I am also going to add fresh scallion. I like to use only two scallions but actually use the whole thing. Now, it’s time to really bring this all together. I am going to add those beautiful scallions in there, half a cup of parmesan cheese, some amounts of goat cheese, about 4 oz. 4 oz of brie and then, my last element of springiness, two cups of arugula. Just stir so you can coat the arugula with the egg mixture a little bit and get all those different cheeses friendly with one another before you put the frittata in the oven. I am going to pour that right over the top. You really want to get every last bit. You could see those bits of cheese, the egg, the arugula. It’s in the oven to go. I just want to prepare one little finishing touch. My frittata is in the oven. It’s got all those wonderful vegetables and cheese baking up inside. I don’t like to cook tomatoes inside a frittata, they get kind of liquidy. So, I am going to leave them separate. Just get them going with a little bit of sea salt, fresh black pepper, just a touch of olive oil to coat them, about a tablespoon and then, a touch of fresh lemon juice for a little bit of brightness and there is just one more element that really makes a frittata sing with Easter freshness. It’s just bubbling with life. Can you see that? It’s all those different cheeses. I come back with those tomatoes and this makes perfect Easter breakfast.