Spring Picnic Idea
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Better.TV's food dude Kevin Roberts helps Rhiannon Ally prepare bacon bagels and coleslaw for a great spring picnic.


Spring Picnic Idea Rhiannon Ally: Finally, spring is in the air, it’s time get up and enjoy the sunshine. Better’s Food Dude Kevin Roberts helped me packed up the picnic in today’s Better Bites. Kevin Roberts: It’s your lucky day Rhiannon, we are going, it’s spring, we are going on a picnic Rhiannon Ally: We’ll ask, what’s up with the shirt? Kevin Roberts: Who wants hot meal on a hot summer day? Rhiannon Ally: No one, I’m not of a mayonnaise fun anyway so none of these recipes have mayonnaise? Kevin Roberts: No, no, they’re all going to be clean, crisp, fun, you can keep them out for a while because picnics can supposed to be all day when you’re trying to escape the city. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah. Kevin Roberts: So, we’re going to start with some coleslaw. Rhiannon Ally: Okay, sounds good. Kevin Roberts: Okay, let’s add some celery, some chopped celery, some chopped green onions. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. Kevin Roberts: Of course some chopped pickles, now of course you know I’m a big pickle freak too. I use the classic pickles because they’re crunchy, they’re delicious, they’re actually healthy, so I got my kosher dills here, I’m going to chop up a couple for you. Rhiannon Ally: How many pickles do you want tin there? Kevin Roberts: 17. Well, pickles are basically pickled cucumbers so they’re healthy, I don’t know. Rhiannon Ally: So, as many as you want. Kevin Roberts: I'm a big fan, big fan of the pickles. Now, here’s where the crispiness stays in right? Italian dressing, right Rhiannon Ally: Okay. Kevin Roberts: And then of course, a little French’s Mustard and you get. It is little spicy brown yes, yes, yes so that’s the trick of that pickle slaw. Rhiannon Ally: So, this will last all day? Kevin Roberts: Quick, simple, tasty, healthy, you know the munchies’ motto? Rhiannon Ally: Delicious Kevin Roberts: Yes and I know you’re a mustard freak too right? Rhiannon Ally: I am, I love mustard. Don’t do that. Kevin Roberts: Alright, so we got our salad. Rhiannon Ally: We got the healthy one out of the way. Now, let’s go to the one not so healthy. Kevin Roberts: Well, these are here, where’s our plates? Rhiannon Ally: Sorry, I dropped them all. Kevin Roberts: Okay, we don’t have plates now. Can you grab us some plates from our picnic basket, please Rhiannon. Rhiannon Ally: I would be happy to, see got them. Kevin Roberts: And it’s cool. You can actually, I think it’s called picnicbasket.com or something where you actually go get picnic baskets or like when your department store sells them. It’s kind of sexy and romantic. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, it is. It jazzes it up. My husband took us on a picnic from one of our first dates. Kevin Roberts: See, there you go. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, I like picnics. Okay, brie sandwich. Kevin Roberts: I’m single. Rhiannon Ally: Ladies, did you hear that? He’s single. Kevin Roberts: I’m going to cry this whole segment. Okay so obviously, put some mustard on yours. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. I love mustard. Kevin Roberts: So turkey, bacon and brie sandwiches of course on a nice coarse salt. Yeah, get me going. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. Kevin Roberts: Right, put them like that, throw some bacon on yours. It’s nice and crisp with some little crispy bacon and then here you go. Rhiannon Ally: This is the money? Kevin Roberts: This is where the love comes in. You get that, nice, creamy cheese from the brie cheese. Rhiannon Ally: Do we want to melt that first? Kevin Roberts: No. What we can do is we could throw it in the oven before we go on our picnic and melt them off so it turns into this, so you get that nice melt in there. So, you get the creaminess of the cheese, you get the nice crispy pickle slaw go in. Rhiannon Ally: What’s better than that? And we have one more item for our picnic? Kevin Roberts: Yes, yes. So here, let me get one more pickle out of there because pickles are really versatile especially—but this is what I could do. Like if you like to do those stuffed deviled eggs, I do crab-stuffed devilled eggs Rhiannon Ally: Oh fancy. Kevin Roberts: But what I like to do is grab a little piece of pickle and top it. Rhiannon Ally: Oh there we go. Kevin Roberts: Yes. Rhiannon Ally: Look at this, so it’s just crab, what else? Kevin Roberts: Crab, egg yolk, Italian dressing, little mustard, you can add some paprika and a little crunch, a little crunch from the pickle. Rhiannon Ally: So, we have it; there you go. And just grab a nice bottle of wine. I always have a blast cooking with Kevin. All of these recipes are on our website, just click on the recipe tab.