Spring Decorating for Your Home
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Bring spring into your home with these spring decoration tips from Jennifer Adams.


Spring Decorating for Your Home Audra: I’m so happy spring is in the air and now it’s time to bring the spring into your home. Jennifer Adams is one of the nations sought after designers and she recently stopped by better to share her tips for adding some life, some fun and even some playfulness into your home this season. Well Jen we’re back talking about spring which makes me happy. I’m excited so people or we doing their bedroom, we doing our entire house how do you actually bring the spring into let’s say your bedroom easily. Jennifer: There are several ways you can do it easily. Add some life to the walls like I like this photo where we added the light stripes to the wall so change your paint variation, you can just go right over the existing color you have with the translucent color and have different stripes in it just gives a shimmer or you could do a white and then also cut photos out of books or find inexpensive artwork and bring the outdoors into your walls so hang artwork and make it more organic to for the spring. Audra: And then also fresh sheets, that makes a big difference when you walk into the room and see completely different colors sheets am I right? Jennifer: Definitely use different color sheets but just brand new sheets just helps you. If you have anything spring anything clean, you think new, you think rebirth. Now I like to sleep on white sheets that’s my preference and also when you remake your bed, let’s say if you have a dark room you could change the entire bed to be white or ivory and make it pop and make it more spring like in a way that I like to make the bed because I like to fold the entire duvet at the foot of the bed as opposed to bring all the way up to the top and show off the sheets and show off the blankets even if they’re the same color. I like to see that texture change and that’s what you’re seeing all the high end hotels make their bed so just fold down those heavy weight comforters down and in front of the bed. Audra: Keeps new dimension to the bed, right. If you put all that work into it you may as well be able to see it too right? Jennifer: Yes. It gives a big impact. Audra: The lamp shades is this a lot of effort for a lot people to change the lamp shades and how much of a difference does that make? Jennifer: It makes a big difference so just lighten them up for the spring and make them white, make them ivory, make them a nice and neutral beige. Audra: A lot of people have to take the kid’s photos and get drawings out of the room. You want to bring some kind of tranquility that’s what you say. Jennifer: Spring thing, tranquility again get rid of all the clutter all the chaos your kids aren’t necessarily clutter but they shouldn’t be the first thing that you guys are thinking about when you’re going to bed at night time so get rid of the kid’s photos, get rid of the kid’s toys, get rid of the exercise equipment all the work things just take it out of your room and make it really tranquil and have really nice textures and maybe a sparkling near and see a nice artwork, but get rid of all that clutter. Audra: And then you can if you do have some art work you can paint in your furniture in a different room for example, right. Jennifer: Yes. People think well it’s wood I can’t paint any but you can it’s okay. You could paint it, you can even hire somebody to paint it but you can put a crackle, you can put a white finish on it, you can even put wallpaper and wrap the front of your drawers and get a completely different look. You can pattern match it and do different patterns of wallpaper or just one wallpaper but it gives big impact. Audra: Okay hot colors for the bedroom for the spring are. Jennifer: I’m seeing a lot of violets. I’m seeing a lot of dried herb tone greens. I’m seeing some bright meringue tones and again some neutral backdrops like warm beiges and pink champagne is actually very hot and neutral right now. But some vibrancy and some life or you can go completely just tranquil and do the Beiges and that’s really, really impactful just on it’s own. Audra: Alright and now something special for our Better viewers, just for you guys. Jennifer Adams Design is offering our viewers her fabulous sheet sets. They’re so soft like nothing you’ve ever slept on at an incredible discount for the rest of the month of April. Any size or color that you want at a deep discount and all you have to do is log on to Better TV.com click on the Jennifer Adams banner and then type in the code Better during the check out process. Trust me it is worth it.