Spring Cleaning and Organizing Tips
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Spring is almost here, and so is the awful chore of spring cleaning and organizing. Have no fear because The Accidental Housewife, Julie Edelman, is here, and she has got some sanity saving tips that will have your home clean, in no time.


Audra Lowe: Well spring is almost here, so are the awful chores of spring cleaning and organizing, but have no fear because the accidental housewife is here. Julie Edelman, and she's got some great sanity-saving tips that will help you. Really just getting your home spic-and-span in no time, that's what we like, quick cleaning. Julie Edelman: Well, I'm all about good enough, clean enough, just enough so that we can get on with our lives and maintain our manicures, especially must do to that for us. Audra Lowe: I'm going to put my gloves on, I have to literally come by here. Julie Edelman: Yes. Audra Lowe: We're going to start off with the bathroom, right? Julie Edelman: Yes, that is you know one of the two toxic zones in our homes, that in the kitchen. But the real problem I find is my vanity in organizing things. There's clutter all over and I'm putting on last year's lipstick or what have you which is you probably check anyway. So a great way to use things that are little different and easy to see. Like for your makeup brushes or even eyeliners or pencils, anything that stands straight. Use a toothbrush holder, really easy to clean, you see it right away. Another great idea, I call Velcro, this year is black, you know it's like that little black dress. I use it everywhere and what's terrific is you can do something decorative taking old flower pot what have you. Put strips of Velcro around and then just attach your makeup right to it. Audra Lowe: Oh my god and it's kind of all hidden in there, right? Julie Edelman: It's hidden in there, it looks pretty decent and it's also great in your office, you can put it right into the Styrofoam, you put pens and stuff. Clutter is gone, looks good, inexpensive. Ta-da! That old flowerpot, it's got new life. Audra Lowe: Okay, now we've got the hairclips here, what's that about? Julie Edelman: Well, this is you know, again, I like using things that are around the house and you now those lime deposits on your shower, on the top. Well, some people think it's mold. It is not, there is no cheese or yucky stuff growing there. It's lime and mineral. Take some white-wine vinegar and just saturate a cloth in that vinegar, then with a hair-clip you wrap around that little towel, or an old dirty -- not an old dirty, though it could be, and you just attach it with your hair-clip to keep it on overnight around the shower nozzle and you can also use a scrunchy; scrunchy kind of check, let it go overnight and the next day, lime be gone. Audra Lowe: Good idea! So you are not sitting there, trying to scrape. Okay, now this looks little disgusting. Julie Edelman: Well, this unfortunately, this is your fridge drip-pan, an area we mostly forget to clean. So as you could see I have forgotten it for too, too long. But it makes a demo. Audra Lowe: Okay. Julie Edelman: Alright, so how do we clean that? Very simply, it's this place, mold and mildew loves to grow, as well as it's the roaches' favorite drinking fountain. So this their happy-hour spot everybody out there. Alright, so we want to get rid of that. So mix some vodka, the cheap kind of course with some water or if it's really disgusting like this, do it straight up. Audra Lowe: And get the roaches drunk, right? Julie Edelman: We'll get the roaches drunk, yeah -- Audra Lowe: I'm going to help you here. Julie Edelman: -- and we get a designated roach driver. Alright, better you use a toothbrush, preferably your oldest one. Audra Lowe: Yeah, not one you're going to use tomorrow, right? Julie Edelman: Or if you'd like to just say ahh in the between, take a little spray yourself and it will look a lot cleaner. Audra Lowe: Right. Julie Edelman: But no, the vinegar, I mean, excuse me the vodka works great and it will work over-and-over again, you should do that. Audra Lowe: Truly I am addicted to this. It goes off. Julie Edelman: You keep doing that. Audra Lowe: Okay. Julie Edelman: Good old Vaseline, okay. Audra Lowe: What does the Vaseline do? Julie Edelman: Using household items, sometimes the gaskets around the fridge get dried out. This is a good way, those rubber gaskets to lubricate them and make them a little bit more moist. Audra Lowe: Okay. Julie Edelman: Over under, you forget the top of your fridge. Clean that underneath where the air ducts are at all. Clean those, it will help the air flow more efficiently and save you some money on your energy. Audra Lowe: And now we've got the pillow here too, is this for the dust mites? Julie Edelman: No, I thought you might be tired since you are a -- Audra Lowe: Yeah, I am actually retired yes, always tired. Julie Edelman: Well, yes, dust mites, allergy, sneezing it's that time a year. Your pillow could actually weigh 10% more from all the dew and dust mites because they love skin and they eat off of the dead skin. Wash them in very hot-water, often baseboard, vacuum it, and here kids' stuffed animals. We love these stuffed animals, right? Audra Lowe: Right. Julie Edelman: But way to get dust mites off here, shake and bake with a little baking soda and they be gone. Audra Lowe: Look at that. Thank you so much Julie, good to see you again! Julie Edelman: Pleasure, spread that glove. Audra Lowe: I will, I will.