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It is almost time to hang up your winter scarves and hats, and break out your hottest and most stylish spring accessories. Jenn Falik is here to help transform your look with springs most fashionable trends.


Female: Well, it's almost time to hang up your winter scarves and the hats and then break out the hottest and the most stylish spring accessories. Better savvy shopper Jen Falik is here. She's going to help us transform our looks with spring’s most fashionable trends. And Jen the best part is you don’t really need to splurge on a whole new wardrobe, right? Jen: You don’t even splurge on a whole new wardrobe. We are seeing a lot of seasonless clothing now. Those are the things that can be worn fall, spring, summer, winter, whenever you want to wear and you can layer it. Female: Right. Jen: So, you don’t need to buy a new clothes but you can just implicate accessories to get a new look. Female: And that’s why you're here too because then we’re going to start of with the one of the trends which is florals too. Jen: Floral, big trends we’re seeing. And we’re even seeing mixing floral prints. So, maybe one floral print in your outfit and a different floral in your accessory, this necklace is from Boden. I love this because it just sort of looks very eclectic and cool and it's floral, but not made in flowers. Female: Yes. Jen: New arty necklace. These are from Charlotte Russe, they're $4.00, great deal. Female: Those earrings are $4.00? Jen: $4.00 earring, I think that there is so much fun. A little bit of pastel, great for spring, the flower pattern and spring showers. You got to have good rain boots. These are from Dove. I love this. What a fun pattern. Female: And you know what the rain never seems to stop, so you may as well look cute while you're walking around in it. Jen: Exactly! Female: Why not. Jen: You may as well have something that just in case you have to wear rain boots, you want something else good. Female: Yeah. So now, we’re going to the tribal section here. Jen: Yes. Female: So, what are your picks here? Jen: Tribal, big trend and great with girly fashions too. I’d love mixing really girly pinks with some tribal accessories. Female: Yes. Jen: So first up, we’ve got this scarf. This is from Lands End, Candace Slide and I just love the pattern. It's very almost like Moroccan. It’s lightweight, pair it with, I love this shoes. These are from DSW like 49 bucks. Again, you’ve got like the kind of tribal details and this bag which is from Rachel Roy from her Macy’s. It's fair winter’s all fair trade. It’s part of a charitable outreach that she’s doing and it's such a cool looking bag. It looks very authentic tribal cocktail. Female: And it's lightweight too. I like that. Jen: Lightweight to put on your arm. Female: Once you put your stuff in there, it's going to be heavy. Jen: Exactly. Female: It’s all another story. Jen: Exactly, right under the arm. Female: Okay. Next, we’re going to go the Lilac section. Jen: Lilac, that’s the pastel that you’ve got have for spring. Even Blackberry has come out a lilac Blackberry. And Blackberry, that’s like our must have accessory. Female: Right. Jen: At least for me, that’s a one thing I always have on my hand. SO, I love that they’re doing a lilac or we’ve got this lilac earrings from Carol Brodie, her line is on HSN. Those are some really pretty—and it is just a perfect type of color. Female: I like those a lot too. Very much so, might take this actually. Jen: Yes, I know, right. Check my pocket. Female: Exactly, exactly. Military inspiration, nobody would really usually make that connection when it comes to spring, but you have a couple of picks here, right? Jen: There's a couple of lightweight, great, adorable military style accessories that worked again really well with even like a lilac. You want to pair it with something girly. Female: Yes. Jen: This hat is from American eagle and it actually really does look good on anybody. I’ve seen—wearing this great old navy jacket that has a zephron and military style, the pocket’s got all the details. Female: I like that jacket. Jen: And layers are really nicely over like a girly dress. It's so much fun. Female: And it's comfortable, looks like it comes best on what she was saying to us. It’s very comfortable. Jen: It's comfortable and you can't wear jean jacket with jeans so that’s a good alternative. Female: It's true. It's true. Last section, we’re going to plastics, right. Jen: Plastic like the loose sight inspired accessories, some things that are clear, best thing they go with everything. Female: That’s true. Jen: These are from Aqua at Bloomingdales. I love this because you have choices. You can layer it with metals. You can go just a little more kind of a plastic and light and again put it on top of any outfit and it matches. Female: This one is a mix of plastic and metal? Is that correct? Jen: Classic and metals and I love necklaces that are already layered for me because they don’t get twisted. So, this looks like it's five, six, seven necklaces, it's just one, one have to do. Female: I’m just going to say, I like that too because you don’t have to think about it. Just put it on and go. Jen: And I’m always like for all that gets twisted up and I’m like trying to bend, strangling myself this way. Safe accessorized. Female: That’s true. Somebody else did the work for you. Thank you so much Jen. Good to see you back. Jen: Thatnk you. Female: Alright, if you guys want to find out more information on all these products, you can go to our website bettertv.com and just click on the link, we’ll have all the info there.